Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No news from Kelsey, BUT we got some mail from Scotland!

This week Kelsey sent two pictures. And that is all. So enjoy!!
Happy Birthday Sister Cannon!
 I was feeling very sad as I wait ALL week for some news from Kelsey. When I went to the mailbox though, I received a letter from a lady in Scotland! It was very kind of her to go out of her way to write and sent the article! The picture is kind of fuzzy but that is cool that she was in it!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pictures Say a Thousand Words :)

The worm was bigger than Sister Cannon's shoe!!!! How crazy is that! After we took the picture some guys were walking towards us and she spreads her arms out and shouts "Careful! There is a worm up there! He is HUGE!" Haha, I think she scared the guys with how much she liked the worm. Oh Sister Cannon! She is hilarious! :) 
I took a picture of a fun little statue thing :) 

Sister Cannon's birthday is Saturday so she bought herself orchid :) She just loves flowers! Her dream is to own land and have a milking cow, chickens, a beehive, a fairies garden, and a veggie garden. She is so funny :) 
Drumchapel is the promised land :) That is where we find and teach most of our friends! 
Sister Cannon and I on another bus journey :) Those are usually the moments we get the most lost :)All of our appointments fell through and for one appointment our friend, Pierre, who was baptised on Easter was supposed to come teaching with us for his first time. After that appointment fell through we asked him if we could do service for him, so he let us put together an IKEA night stand! 
The picture of Pierre texting shows what he did the whole time we were slaving away making him a night stand. Haha! Just kidding! He made us cup cakes for a treat when we were done! 

The project was a lot of fun! Sister Cannon got REALLY into it! :) 
SISTER CANNON FOUND WHITE HAIR ON MY HEAD!!! :o Missions really do make you age faster... Oh boy!

My leg is healing nicely!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Musings from Scotland

Sister Cannon and I waiting with a less active member named David for the bus on a Sunday morning to go to church :)
Sister Cannon napping on the couch.

As I was walking to the library... just a few minutes ago.... I completely fell. In the middle of the side walk. And the whole side of my left leg is now stinging and bleeding... ya, it is pretty painful! oh goodness, what am I like?? (<-that is a Scottish saying :))
Scotland and Ireland are very different. It rains a lot more here than in Dublin. I do like both places a lot, but differently :) Does that make sense? They fry everything here!! it is yummy, but you feel like you gained 10 pounds after most meals! 
I need to eat healthier... but it is hard when you are SO stressed and not in control of anything all of the time!
For a service project we took these pups out to go potty for three days!

So beautiful!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wee Beauty

So Kelsey must be CRAZY busy as we have not heard much. I received a panicked e-mail at 3 a.m. last week stating that the PIN for her new ATM card was not working. (I had to go to the bank to try and figure it all out and still don't know if all is right.) Other than that, I got this today. She seems really busy!!

 Monday= Zone Development (It is a day dedicated to the missionaries getting together and playing games all day so we won't be depressed since this is the most depressed mission)
 Tuesday= Looking for an address for a member who has been lost from the church... the address didn't exist so we lost most of our day.
Wednesday= Zone Interview Training (where we get instruction from our leaders all day)