Thursday, October 31, 2013


I received an e-mail today...

Dear Sister Bolton ,

Just a brief e-mail to let you know that your missionary, Sister Griffin,  arrived safely in Scotland from the Preston, England Missionary Training Center.  Upon arriving she had the opportunity to climb Arthur's Seat where she committed to serve the Lord, similar to what Orson Pratt, an Apostle of the Lord did in 1840.

Her trainer is Sister Douglas , and they are laboring in  Verdemont (Clonsilla Ward).

On Monday you can expect an e-mail which will provide you with more information about her companion and area.

Thank you for all that you have done to prepare Sister Griffin to serve the Lord for the next two years.

Alan H. Brown, PresidentScotland/Ireland Mission

First of all, I really hope that was a typo about two years.. 
Here is a photo of Arthur's Seat:

I really hope she writes about it!! I want to hear about that experience.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Well today is the last full day for me at the MTC. They taught me all they could and I am ready to go out and use all they taught me to help me teach others. While being here I have been told I am like Giselle from Enchanted, Barbie, and a seriotypical American... I thought that was... interesting! Hahah! Kinsie was the first person that I got a letter from! It feels so good to get a letter and e-mails! Thank you everyone for all of your love and support!!!! It has been a little difficult because everything in the lessons that they tell us not to do I did while with a practice investigator. I have a lot I need to still improve on!! It is such a miracle to see all of the sisters and elders learn English so fast! Some speak German, French, Portugese, and one other language that I can't remember the name. They are told to only speak English 24/7! Poor Elder Nunes came only speaking Portugese and no other language! I LOVE to help him find the word that he wants to use or teach all of them new words! Well, I already ran out of time... but remember... "If we do things because of love than it is the right thing." oh! and "when life is hard you fall- make sure to fall on your knees!" Tell Katie Harris to email me too! how rude of her to forget about me already ;) One more thing! It is crazy how many "American" songs keep getting stuck in my head everyday but when living in America I never thought of them! Love you all! Hopefully more next week!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

England MTC and big news!!!

Your daughter will be departing from the England Missionary Training Centre on Wednesday, October 30.  We want you to know how much we have enjoyed having her with us.

Sister Griffin is a fine young woman and we are grateful for the opportunity we have had to work with her on a daily basis. She is well-prepared for her mission and she continues each day to grow spiritually.  She is developing good teaching skills and is excited about the work.She is ready for full time service in the Scotland/Ireland Mission.

We love this young woman and are grateful to you for all you have done to prepare her for this wonderful time in her life.  Your love and continued support are important to her success.  Letters from home are always greatly anticipated and appreciated.  Please address all future mail to:

                                                           Scotland/Ireland Mission 
51 Spylaw Road
Scotland EH10 5BP
United Kingdom

May you and your family be blessed as she continues to serve our Heavenly Father.

She made it!!

E-mails from Kelsey:

There are only 22 missionaries in this whole mtc! Only 6 of them are sisters! The other sisters are all so kind and friendly! Two sisters are from Utah.One is from Louisiana. One is from France. One is from Germany.

We went to the temple this morning. I am still trying to get used to the time difference and to working all day long with a hard core exercise before lunch!!! There are so many different accents in this mtc it is crazy! The Lord is really blessing me with open ears to be able to understand exactly what everyone is saying to me. Instead of people having to tell meeeee what others are saying I get to tell others what the person with the accent is trying to say! :D
The plane rides were so fun! However on the plane from Georgia to England I felt carsick by the middle of it!! 

They say, "We speak English. Please don't speak American here." Apparently Americans sing when they talk. I have been told that I am the stereo typical american and I am very ignorant. I am the only person in my district whose first language is English. One sister speaks German. One sister speaks French. Two Elders speak French. One Elder speaks Portugese!

There is a lake outside the window of where we eat and the most gorgeous swan lives in that lake. Sometimes while I eat I just stare at the swan and wonder what it's thinking! Haha, the other sisters... well everyone here thinks I'm pretty weird... they aren't far from the truth I suppose!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sister Griffin

This is Kelsey's mom...
Heather and I are going to be maintaining Kelsey's account while she is gone. We will post pictures and parts of e-mail that we get from her to keep you all updated.
Kelsey got up at 5:30 on Wednesday even though we didn't have to leave the house until 10. She was very excited to start on her journey.
Nannie, Grumps, Heather, me (mom), her dad and cousin Katie were all at the airport to send her off. She was so happy and excited. She gave us all letters and gave us all hugs and then collected all of her things and said, "I'm ready....." she paused and look around curiously and said, "where do I go??" It was so funny!

Rolling out...
Grumps, Kelsey & dad
The momma & the baby
Nannie, Kelsey and Mom
Final hug from dad.
I'm ready... so where do I go??

We didn't hear from Kelsey on her layover and were very concerned, wondering if she made her connecting flight. By 2 a.m. our time her flight landed and by 4 a.m. we still hadn't heard anything so I e-mailed the MTC asking if she arrived. Around six I received the following e-mail:

Hahahah, sooooo.... I'm "Sister Griffin, the one with the mom calling everywhere looking for me...." So ya, I'm safe. They gave me more e-mailing time to try to calm you down... Hahahaha! It is so fun here! I have friends already! A really cool room with a really nice view! All is well! Tell Heather to e-mail me too!!!!

It was good to hear from her and I am sooo relieved that she has friends because we all know how quiet, shy and unfriendly Kelsey is (hahahaha).

She also messaged my yahoo account:

Well ello gubna! Hahaha! Just kidding! I made it to England! The flight to Atlanta was about 3 hours. When we were landing in Atlanta the clouds looked like something only Dr. Suess could create! I'm sorry I was unable to call in Atlanta! I couldn't find a phone! There are 3 other sisters here! They are so friendly and we all get along pretty well already! I love you all! Pictures to come maybe next week!
-Sister Kelsey Griffin

That sums up things we have heard up until now. I am not really savvy with technology so my posts will not be as cool as I know they could be but I will do my best to keep up the latest info on this sweet girl. Thanks for your patience.