Monday, October 27, 2014

Pictures from Limerick

Disclaimer: Not all of the pictures in this post came with an explanation. What is posted is all that  that was sent. It will be interesting to hear the stories behind the pictures...

Poor Sister Montoya has been so worn out from being a new missionary! We have fun together :) 

Just call me "Sister Miss Griffin". I not only teach the gospel, but I teach English as a class for free. I feel like such a teacher!!

Santa and his elf ;) Christmas is coming so quick!!! :D

P-day in Limerick!

Sister Moore, me, and Ahmad :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Short post

Time went way too quick today because I had to report numbers and forgot them at home so I had to do them here and now time is at an end. I don't have much time left...Last night we taught a man named Anthony. He met with missionaries years ago and we found him on the street and while we were talking to him he felt the gospel and began to weep. It was a beautiful experience. But he doesn't want to progress or be baptized which is so sad. He completely understands the gospel of Jesus Christ and that with faith we need action, but he thinks his action is different than other peoples. I know that he will accept the gospel someday. I just hope it is sooner rather than later... haha
It's getting very cold here!!

Sister Cannon made these for us and our investigator Maggie who is getting baptized next week!!!! <3

Monday, October 13, 2014

Some thoughts and giggles...

Hiya! :) 
I am doing very very well. I made a voice recording this week with Sister Montoya and it was so cute, but too long. Bummer, I know. Maybe next week. I had the 24 hour flu on Wednesday, but I refused to stay home because I just KNEW I would see miracles. We went out all day walking all around trying by homes and guess what! So many miracles! We met two different families living in the same home that both want to learn more. We taught a girl the restoration and some of the plan of salvation. The spirit was so strong, but she doesn't think she wants to know more. We taught a family and got 6 new investigators. The Lord provides when we think all our strength is gone, and it is truly amazing! 
Haha, it is really funny because sometimes I think to myself "Oh my gosh... my mission is almost over. I am going home so soon! I don't know if I am ready for that! The time flew! I am so excited to see my dear family!" Then a few hours later I think "Oh my goodness, is this day going to ever end? Man, I am never going to go home. 6 months is forever away!!" 
It is already FREEZING here!!! This is supposed to be the coldest winter in Limerick in 100 years!! 
I love Sister Montoya. Training is hard... like anything new. But we are having fun! :)  
I taught Maggie in Glasgow and just got this email from her. It is this part of the mission that I love so much. This is what makes 18 months all worth it... "Aww bless a love u to and a mean that from ma heart a think abt u every day yes am still getting taught of the missionaries a love the church in Dunfermline am getting baptised so am so excited thank u sister Griffin u have shown me a better life and am really happy u was a blessing in ma life and still are xx" From Maggie
I hope that your week is awesome! :) 
Love, Me.

Some humor from me to yous...

Need an ark? I Noah guy. 
What did Noah say as he was loading creatures on to the ark? Now I herd everything.
Did you know that Arkansas is the only state mentioned in the Bible - it says Noah looked out of the "ark ... an ... saw." 
How did Moses drink his tea? He-brews it.
Which woman in the Bible was smartest financially? Pharaohs daughter! She went to the bank of the Nile and drew out a little prophet
Noah was a great investor.  He floated his stocks while the rest of the world was in liquidation.
How did the Jaredites get to the promised land?  They barged in.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Short post...

I was able to watch most of conference, but not all of it. I can't wait to get the conference ensign. I love General Conference so so much. I loved President Utchdorf's talk for the Women's session. Wow. Just exactly what I needed to hear. 
Training has been as good as possible. I have been learning a lot about how being a good example means so much. Just by doing what I am supposed to be doing she has been following my example. It has been good. We have some things in common. She is very sweet and funny.
FUNNY STORY! Yesterday (Monday) was Zone Development. The day when all the missionaries in the zone get together to play games so we can create unity and not be depressed. We were playing football (soccer) and I was running my fastest for the ball and then I went a bit too fast for my feet and belly flopped the ground. Now my tummy is bruised! HAhaha, that would happen to me, wouldn't it? :) 
Have a good week :) 

Sister Moore and I!