Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Ode to Thatcher

The new school year is about to start! Goodness summer came and flew by. As many friends are heading back to Eastern Arizona College, it makes me kind of sad that I will not be joining them... Don't get me wrong, I am VERY excited to serve a mission! But I made some great memories and friends in Thatcher, Arizona. I will definitely miss all the roommates who I had! I went through 7 roommates in 1 full year of my 1st year of college. Crazy, huh? 
My first roommate's name is Aleisha. We were best friend's in high school and would hang out on most Sunday's. When I decided to go to school in Thatcher, Aleisha decided to come along also. We were able to get an apartment together sharing a room! I was so excited!

You know when you have a very good friend, but you can't work with them or live with them. That is basically what ended up happening to Aleisha and me. Things just didn't work out, so she moved out and someone else moved in. I was sad that things didn't work out, but I am glad that we are still friends!
I know that if I ever need anything she will still be there for me <3
Yes, we took a picture of our fridge. (We were trying to eat healthy! lasted about 2 weeks...) The next roommate whom I had and love is Kinsie! She is so fun! 
Kinsie is beautiful, hilarious, strong-willed, and so spiritual. She taught me so much while I was going to school! Kinsie is such a go-getter! You know those people that sit around saying "I wish I could..." or "I'll get around to..." Kinsie is NOT one of those people! If she wants to do something, she will. Simple as that. Whenever I need help or have a question I turn to her. Even now while she is in Idaho and I am in Arizona. I know Kinsie will always be there for me. I know she will always be able to help me. She knows just what to say. She knows what I need to hear. She is an amazing friend!! I just know she will do great things with her life. <3
From left to right it is me, Kinsie, and our other roommate Cassie. Cassie was so sweet and fun! She has an amazing movie collection! Happily for her, but sadly for me she was in a serious relationship so I was unable to see her much! She ended up marrying that boy, and now they are happily married :) Congrats my dear!

She was a beautiful bride! One of my roommates from second semester and I went to Cassie's reception together! What a cute couple! I will miss talking about our relationships together with her!!
When Aleisha moved out, Elizabeth moved in. When she moved in she was already engaged to be married. It was crazy to see so many people my age getting married when I still feel like such a baby! But some people are just already a lot more mature than I am. Elizabeth was very sweet and fun to talk to. Sadly, we were unable to get to know each other very well... but I am glad that we were able to become friends. :)

The 2nd semester I moved to the apartment right across from the one that I had been living at! It was cheaper and I had friends living there already :) I loved living in both apartments, and living with all the people different people! 
My new roommate 2nd semester, Kelsie. She had a knack of finding the perfect time to take pictures of us when I was wearing absolutely no make up... Silly girl! Kelsie is such a sweetheart. She is an amazing listener, and is so fun to talk to! I am so lucky to have been able to live with her! She is a great friend. 
This fine young thing is Alexa. Alexa is such a fun person to be around! She is crazy and spontaneous. I swear, we were like sisters! I am so happy that I was able to live with her for a semester. She taught me a lot, and was always there when I needed her. I will truly miss her! I will also miss our late night gas station runs to get root beer and all of our fun road trips! She is very in tune with the spirit, and I am so glad to have her as a friend. :)
Delaney, Delaney, Delaney. So, this is Delaney. :) She is one hilarious women! Oh gosh, I'm positive she can make anyone laugh! We had so much fun together at school! We would have dance parties, build forts, play tons of games, went to many school plays, ate mashed potatoes on a daily basis, homework parties, play-dough competitions, camping... Ya, we did a lot of crazy stuff. I can't even think of it all. I was even there to see her relationship bloom with her now husband! 
In fact, I was so obsessed with their relationship I would often creep on them... Sorry guys, I know. Lucky for me, Cody and Delaney put up with me! They were so sweet to me, and would include me in dates and invite me to dinner! They were so fun. I consider them both my best friends and I miss them both so much!!
Aren't they just the most beautiful couple?? I am so glad that I was able to meet them, and become such good friends with them!
Delaney also invited me to be one of the people to meet her and Cody outside of the temple! It was so exciting :) I am so happy for her and Cody. I know that they are having so much fun together!
Now... That was just my roommates (and their husbands) :) There were so many other people that I was able to meet!! 
This was a great group of people and I absolutely loved all the times they would invite me to hang out with them! :)

Mattress surfing. SO FUN.

Fair Day in Thatcher is an amazing holiday!

Facials with my friend's Kinsie and Alexa! I like how I'm smiling even though Alexa and Kins kept telling me not to so I wouldn't break the mask... Woops!

Sometimes we would do music videos at 2am :)

Maddie was such a good friend that I made 2nd semester! She was so fun to talk to and took such good care of me! :) 

This gorgeous girl is Katie. She is my little ray of sunshine! She would take me for rides on her scooter, especially when I had to get shots. This pretty lady would go on walks with me late at night so we could talk and clear our heads. She is an amazing women. :) I don't know what I would have done without her.

We would have missionaries over to eat with us on several occasions :)
*I like how Alexa is holding me, haha!
Haha, I'm not the only creeper in Thatcher ;)

Sethy Poo was always so fun to have around! He was so sweet to me, and we would always have amazing conversations. Seth definitely knew how to bring out the spaz in me... Boy I miss him and our heart to heart talks. Seth knows how to be there for anyone and everyone when they need him. 
I'm pretty sure I never slept in Thatcher... We would just party all night. :)
These girls are so inspirational. I am just so lucky so have been able to meet them! :)
If you are trying to decide where to go for college... Just a thought, Eastern Arizona College is cheap and filled with fun and sweet people. There is never a dull moment in that small town. There is always something new to do. I will miss all of my college friends dearly. I hope that they all have an amazing life, and so much fun either on missions or in their next year of college. :)
I love you all! <3

Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to end a hard week.

Do you need to know how to end a hard week? Don't worry. I can help.
After a week of long hours at work, no letters from missionaries, and feeling sick... You need to begin your weekend with something spectacular!
1. Ride your bike. I ride my bike home from work while listening to music. It helps to take the stress off and you can breathe some fresh air. PLUS! Good exercise.

2. Be hopeful that you'll get a letter! You never know! Today can be your day!! :D
*If you don't get it today... then you have something to look forward to for tomorrow!

3. Invite one of your bestest friends in the whole world over to your house to party the night away!!

4. Go treat yo'self! In-N-Out Burger for dinner is truly amazing! :)

5. Ice cream is a must.
I mean come on, it makes ANYTHING better ;)

6. Watch a movie with this pretty lady in it.
Audrey Hepburn makes you wanna put the ice cream down and be a sophisticated, beautiful women such as herself. 

7. Find every pillow and blanket that you own and put them on the living room floor.

8. Make waffles in the morning with nice, warm homemade syrup. 

9. Watch Shrek. :)
10. Write letters to your missionary friends again! :)
There you have it. 10 simple steps to have a good and relaxing weekend after a hard week. 
*Caution: You probably shouldn't do it every weekend... You might get as big as a house and then those simple things won't seem as special anymore.
*Warning: After your fun and relaxing weekend you will have to start a whole new week over again. Good luck! Hope your new week is better than the last!
With Love,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The waiting game...

That is my new motto. I never have been very good at having patience. I will take cookies out of the oven early just because I can't wait for them to fully finish cooking. I will call someone over and over and over if they won't answer. I check the mailbox every morning on my way to work, and every evening when I get home. Lucky for me, the Lord is trying to teach me patience. It is very hard to learn, but a good thing to learn. 
Time is a funny thing. Everyone likes to complain about it. Either time moves too fast, or it moves too slow. I think people need to learn to wait in the moment. Well... I think that when I really sit and think about time. BUT! Being the impatient person that I am... I often am one of the complainers of time as well. Some days time crawls by... You think the day will never end. Other days the day ends far too fast. Goodness, isn't all so silly though? Everyday is exactly the same amount of time. If we just keep ourselves busy and happy then time won't even matter! :)

Wishful thinking that a letter will just appear...

Where could my letter be??

It gets so hot in Arizona...


It's from Elder Benson!

....I just love getting mail, okay? Don't judge!

I'm a happy camper now! :)

Then the wait begins again...
I am so grateful for mailmen. I don't think it would be a fun job, but they bring so much happiness to people! I am also grateful for missionaries. They are willing to leave their family for two years so that others can be with their family for eternity. I am grateful for Elder Benson! He is doing a great job serving the Lord in Louisiana! I am so proud of that guy! :) I am also grateful for the Lord and all the blessings and even challenges that I get thrown into my life. I know that every trial I go through will help to strengthen me in the end. I love the Church of Latter-day Saints and my Heavenly Father.
Life is good. 
Keep your chin up, and count your many blessings. :)

Christmas In July!!

Well, as you may know I am leaving on my mission in October. That means I will be missing my favorite holiday (Christmas) and all of our family traditions!! So, I decided I need to fix that! My wonderful aunts Joan and Jan decided to help me get it all figured out and planned! :) *Thank you* It was SO fun!! My Aunt Jan, Aunt Joan, cousin Holly, Grandma, and beautiful little sister Heather all attended! There was definitely yummy treats, Christmas music, and dancing! :D
Cute little snowman pin!

All of the ingredients to make our yummy treats!! 

I'm a messy baker...
But it looked a little like snow, so it fit the theme, right?
...just play along :)

Heather made that apron!
She is smokin hot :)

I'm ready to get to business with the cookie maker gun.

Heather sneaking a taste!

Best Friends.

There's always time to slow dance to Christmas music.

We made pizza for lunch :D 

Every year I would try to make the Spritz cookies by myself.
Every year they turned out looking.... sloppy.
THIS year, I mastered it and they looked heavenly!
I suppose I really am growing up ;)

We love to snuggle.

Face it- we are cute.

My Aunt Joan was so kind to get all the ingredients AND let us make a mess in her kitchen!! 

Holly was so happy she came into town this weekend :)

Awe ya! Look at me making those cookies. 

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies.

Caramel Corn <3

Yummy bars, fudge, and butterscotch fudge. :)
My mouth is watering just thinking about it all again!!

My Aunt Jan had to teach me how to make snowflakes.
She is pro at making them!!

Sometimes I like to impersonate porcelain dolls. 

Elder Benson is very lucky to know me ;)
I sent him goodies in a Christmas in July package! :D

Overall, it was a very fun day with the family!! :D I love them all very much and I am so grateful for them and the way they will do anything for me <3