Monday, December 29, 2014

Boxing day Rugby and The Kellys

On Saint Stephen's Day/Boxing Day/Day After Christmas we went to a Rugby Game! It was so fun :) Even though Sister Montoya and I had basically no idea what was going on we did have a good time talking the whole night :) It was a party! :) Haha! 


IRISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! *This might be the last time I'll be able to say that in Ireland* And a very happy new year!

Scripture of the week: Philippians 4:13; Luke 4:18
Quote of the Week: 

“When we keep the spirit of Christmas, we keep the Spirit of Christ, for the Christmas spirit is the Christ Spirit. It will block out all the distractions around us which can diminish Christmas and swallow up its true meaning."

Well, this week was so fun! I love Christmas! It is my favorite holiday! Everyone seems a little kinder and more willing to help each other during the holiday season. Sister Montoya and I worked hard on finding new people to teach! We have so much fun together! Sadly no one wants to listen to our message right now, but we are still out sharing it to anyone that will listen. On Christmas morning all the missionaries went to the church and we all did study together. Then after study we ate pancakes and watched mormon messages. After breakfast we opened Christmas presents together! It really was so so fun! I felt like a giant family! :) Then the zone leaders (Elder Hutchings and Butler) drove us to the Enokibara's home. That family is so cute, and they made amazing food! After we ate we watched The Night At the Museum with the kids. I love that movie!! When the movie ended the elders drove us to the Faloon's and we ate dinner there. Whoo, so much food in one day, but it was ALL amazing! :D I felt so blessed by all the love of the members. We Skyped at the Faloon's and I'm sorry again for Skyping so late! Elder Hutchings was figuring out his plans for when he gets home and was crying and I would hate to interrupt that, haha! It is so crazy that it is almost 2015! I never thought 2015 would come so fast! Isn't crazy that I expire this year! :o I am beyond grateful for all the letters and cards and gifts I received this year! Not just for Christmas, but for the WHOLE YEAR! I am so blessed to know you all and to have your love and support. Thank you all so much. I also would like to say that all the gifts I received this year were so inspired! Sister Montoya and I got everything we needed AND wanted. Thank you for thinking of us and praying for us. We bot love you all so much. I hope that as the new year is coming you can set goals that will help you to grow and progress. A quote I know to be true is "there is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone". Set goals that are realistic and set when you will achieve them. I know that goals are so important (yes Momma Douglas, I finally learned that ;)). I know that God can help us accomplish anything if we put our mind to it and ask for his help. May God bless you this new year. I love you all. xoxoxox -Sister Kelsey Griffin 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Staying in Limerick for Christmas!!

The wonderful Limerick/Galway District! :) I made apple pie and cherry cream pie as goodbye gifts to anyone being moved. I love this district so much! When we get together on Tuesday's for district meeting it feels like a family reunion filled with brothers and cousins and uncles. Elder Norup is going home to Denmark and will be missed dearly!!! He is such a good friend and Sister Montoya and I are looking forward to receiving wedding pictures as he will be married in January! Woot, woot! Go Norup! :) 
Hope you all have a good week! :) I was a little ill this last week with a nasty chest cough and head cold, but I am all better now! I was also blessed with the surprise of McCleary Kent coming to Limerick from Dublin! :D She did 4 hours of service with us packing grocery bags in Super Value. I love McCleary! It was a Chirstmas Miracle seeing her!!! :D This week was a weird and crazy week, but it was so good! 
Sister Montoya and I are happy to be staying together for Christmas in Limerick!! 
The lovely couple in these pictures are the Weber's and we should be with them the day after Christmas! 
I hope that you are all feeling the love and excitment this holiday season! I love this time of year! I am so excited as well because on Friday we are going to sing Christmas carols in a nursing home with the youth and we might go caroling with the elders! :D 
I would like to challenge you all to find one person you can serve this week and do something kind for them :) I can promise you that you will find peace and happiness this holiday season. 
#heisthegift #sharethegift ;) 

Monday, December 8, 2014

St. Patrick's Cathedral

The Missionary Christmas Concert this last week was so fun. And stressful. And spiritual. I suppose you can say we had a bit of everything :) 
We started by travelling to Dublin on Monday evening. Tuesday morning practices began... they lasted all day long. I don't think I have ever sang so much in my whole life! Hahaha! It was good though :) Wednesday was another day FULL of practice. The first picture shows what us sisters did when we were talking a break from all of the practice on Tuesday. Massages and braiding of hair. I couldn't sit still. I was so stir crazy and running around like a headless chicken :) The second picture is a few of us missionaries grabbing lunch before we sang at the St. Patrick's Cathefral. The last picture is of my sweet companion, Sister Montoya and myself in front of the St. Patrick's Cathedral. Singing in there was amazing. We really brought the Spirit so strong, and the way it echoed off the walls was so cool!! :) A once in a life time experience! 

Outside the St. Patricks Cathedral passing out invitations to the concert later that night at the Finglas Stake Center

Christmas concert in Belfast. :) With Sister Montoya

with Sisters Montoya, Pennock, and Wilkin. :)