Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Limerick, Ireland :)

Quote of the Week:
"If you ever feel like you are drowning in life... don't worry... your lifeguard walks on water!"

Scripture of the Week:
Mosiah 5:7

Hello everyone! It's Sister Griffin! Shocking, I'm not dead! ;)

This week was long and crazy. I was so ill on MondayTuesdayWednesday, and Thursday. In fact, I was stuck in the flat after Zone Interview Training on Tuesday and then all day on Wednesday. BUT!  I am now 100% better. Your prayers have worked! So thank you for keeping me in them! :) 

We also had exchanged this week and guess who I exchanged with?! My mission Mum! Mama Douglas :) It was so fun! Sister Pitcher and I were with Sister Douglas and took her around Limerick. We found people to teach and talk to. It was great! 

I am loving the mission. I am learning so much about our Savior, Jesus Christ. He really does love us and know each of us. It is such a blessing to be out here to share with people this sweet gospel. 

We saw a HUGE miracle on Sunday. We arrived at church and there was a younger girl their in her 20s. She said that this was her first time at church. After talking we learn that her name is Aideen and she has a friend in Australia who was telling her about the church. She was about to drink some alcohol about 8 weeks ago and a voice told her she didn't need that, so she quit drinking 8 weeks ago. She has been studying about our religion and it feels so right to her that she is wanting to be baptized. After church we were eager to teach her the Restoration. Every time we began a sentence she would finish. She knew EVERYTHING! I will admit that it threw us off of our game quite a bit. It was such an incredible experience! We are seeing her again tomorrow and we are very excited to see her again. 

I hope that everyone is doing well and for those who have started school have fun with that! :)

Shout out to Heather! Happy Birthday! Love ya sis!!!! 

Monday, August 18, 2014


 Here are the photos from District Mtg that was held on 5 Aug 14

The new area is great! It is ALL on foot like at Dublin! 
I love Limerick! Everyone here has been so welcoming! The trip here was long!!!! On Wednesday the 13th I traveled ALL day from Glasgow, Scotland to Limerick, Ireland! I love Ireland! I feel like I returned home almost coming here. From Glasgow to Limerick I took a bus, the ferry, a bus, a bus, a train, and then a train ALL BY MYSELF! I don't remember the last time I have been all by myself, so it was a little weird... ahah! I am companions with Sister Galbrieth and Sister Pitcher. We have been having a fun time together. I also do miss Sister Cannon A LOT! We really became great friends! 
I am super ill at the moment. This morning I had to sleep in until about 9:40am! That is the longest I've slept in for a LONG time!!! :) I do feel awake finally! Haha! 
I hope that Heather and Heidi will both settle into their new lives smoothly. It's funny because the three of us all moved around the same time :) 
I have new addresses and will need to give it to you's next week... 
It is sad to be away from all my friends in Glasgow. BUT! I know this is where the Lord needs me to be, so I will go and do the things the Lord commands :)
Love you!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Moving on...

So, I was in Dublin for 6 months, Glasgow for 4 months, and now I am going to Limerick Ireland!
I have been with:
1. Sister Kelcie Douglas (Trainer in Dublin)
2. Sister Danielle Caswell (Step Mum in Dublin)
3. Sister Karina Quinones (Mini Missionary for 2 weeks in Dublin)
4. Sister Shelby Moore (For 5 weeks in Glasgow)
5. Sister Kate Cannon (She is honestly one of my best friends! Together in Glasgow)
6. Sister Tuany Dias (Trainee being trained by Sister Cannon and I was with them in Glasgow for 2 weeks)

Now I am going to be with Sister Galbraith (this next transfer will be her last one) and with Sister Pitcher (who just came back to the mission field after going home due to sickness). The AP told me that I am being sent there to be compassionate, patient, and loving. So we will see how this transfer goes... haha, I'm a little nervous...
Have a great week!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Strawberries, bags, giants and bowling!

Sister Cannon and I bought a strawberry plant and named him Henry. We are pleased to report that he grew strawberries and they are SO sweet to the taste! :) Success! 

 Pierre took us to the dentist to make sure we didn't get scammed from the dentist... haha! 
Sister Cannon has a loose tooth and we went to the dentist. He gave her pills to take for it.
 Meeting our new companion (Sister Dias) at the mission home on Wednesday. Sister Cannon is training!!!! Sister Dias is from Brazil and learning English. Next week I will be leaving Glasgow and my two dear companions...

We went to Glasgow University!

Sister Cannon and I bought matching University of Glasgow sweatshirts :)I love Sister Cannon so much! :) We are besties! 
Sister Cannon likes to take pictures :) She thought I look very mature in this picture. Haha.
Whatever that means ;) 
Pierre was baptised on Easter Sunday, my first Sunday here in Glasgow. He is very kind and LOVES missionaries. He makes sure to take care of each of us. We always have fun with him! he is a good guy! :) 

Glasgow City Centre

 Clyde the Thistle wants to be on the path toward baptism ;)
 Sister Cannon and myself dolled up on a Sunday morning!! :) 
We were teaching our friends Maggie and James outside and to keep Maggie's 4 year old son quiet during the prayer Sister Cannon gave him the camera. This is the picture he took. I thought it was Ensign worthy! :) 
We spend a majority of our time in Drumchapel :)

Pierre likes to call Pday "Pierre Day"
Glasgow knows how to party!
Ferris Wheel!
Since the Commonwealth Games are happening in Glasgow we have a lot of fun things to do in City Centre on Pday! Woot, woot! Pierre took us to the Glasgow Green and we got to go on a Ferris Wheel! I will admit, at the top I got a little scared... It was VERY high up! 
Giants in Glasgow!