Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Musings from Scotland

Sister Cannon and I waiting with a less active member named David for the bus on a Sunday morning to go to church :)
Sister Cannon napping on the couch.

As I was walking to the library... just a few minutes ago.... I completely fell. In the middle of the side walk. And the whole side of my left leg is now stinging and bleeding... ya, it is pretty painful! oh goodness, what am I like?? (<-that is a Scottish saying :))
Scotland and Ireland are very different. It rains a lot more here than in Dublin. I do like both places a lot, but differently :) Does that make sense? They fry everything here!! it is yummy, but you feel like you gained 10 pounds after most meals! 
I need to eat healthier... but it is hard when you are SO stressed and not in control of anything all of the time!
For a service project we took these pups out to go potty for three days!

So beautiful!

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