Monday, December 15, 2014

Staying in Limerick for Christmas!!

The wonderful Limerick/Galway District! :) I made apple pie and cherry cream pie as goodbye gifts to anyone being moved. I love this district so much! When we get together on Tuesday's for district meeting it feels like a family reunion filled with brothers and cousins and uncles. Elder Norup is going home to Denmark and will be missed dearly!!! He is such a good friend and Sister Montoya and I are looking forward to receiving wedding pictures as he will be married in January! Woot, woot! Go Norup! :) 
Hope you all have a good week! :) I was a little ill this last week with a nasty chest cough and head cold, but I am all better now! I was also blessed with the surprise of McCleary Kent coming to Limerick from Dublin! :D She did 4 hours of service with us packing grocery bags in Super Value. I love McCleary! It was a Chirstmas Miracle seeing her!!! :D This week was a weird and crazy week, but it was so good! 
Sister Montoya and I are happy to be staying together for Christmas in Limerick!! 
The lovely couple in these pictures are the Weber's and we should be with them the day after Christmas! 
I hope that you are all feeling the love and excitment this holiday season! I love this time of year! I am so excited as well because on Friday we are going to sing Christmas carols in a nursing home with the youth and we might go caroling with the elders! :D 
I would like to challenge you all to find one person you can serve this week and do something kind for them :) I can promise you that you will find peace and happiness this holiday season. 
#heisthegift #sharethegift ;) 

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