Monday, February 17, 2014

Yesterday was my 4 month mark! Woot, woot! :D

I chose a mission scripture this week :)
1 Nephi 3:7,15

Quote of the Week:
"Be assured the Saviour still seeks to mend our souls and heal our hearts. He waits at the door and knocks. Let us answer by beginning again to pray, repent, forgive, and forget." By Elder Timothy J. Dych

This was the worst Valentine's Day EVER! POURING RAIN ALL DAY LONG! Sister Caswell had to go home at noon to change because we were soaked ALL the way through!!! Then when we got home at 9pm we had to hurry and change again because we were completly soaked again! Sister Caswell was so worried about me because I am already sick with a cold! She takes SUCH good care of me! She is an amazing cook, listener, and teacher. I am learning more from her every day!!! With God there are no coincidences. Everyone that we meet, talk to, or even pass on the street is for a special reason that we are not quite sure of at that exact moment, but God is sure why it happened. This week we focused a lot on how trials are a gift from God. We should thank God for every trial that we have because it will make us stronger and happier when we overcome them. 
Sister Caswell is an angel sent to me. I love her so much. We became best friends so fast. Her family doesn't write to her and she is going through a really hard time right now. I just wish there was something I could do for her...  She is financially suffering worse than us and do you know what she did???? She bought me a super cute, warm, and dry Superdry jacket because she needed one and knew I needed one too... This morning she bought us both one! They are expensive nice jackets! It will last me YEARS!! If you could put on the blog asking people to write her a letter that would mean a lot to me and her. She needs to know that people love her and appreciate all she does.  
A Few Facts about Sister Danielle Arlene Caswell: 
From: Washinton
Fav. Color: Lime Green
Siblings: 6 (2nd oldest)
*Spiritual Giant
*Very obedient
*Wonderful Cook!!!!
*Has been out for 9 months!!
*Just turned 20 in January
*Was home schooled
*In an AMAZING singer
*Started college at age 16
Have a wonderful week!!! :D 
Sister Griffin

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