Monday, February 24, 2014

Moves Week is Sunday March 2nd!!

Quote of the Week:
Hymn 241- "Count Your Blessings"
"When upon life's billows you are tempest-tossed, when you are discouraged, thinking all is lost, count your many blessings; name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done." 

Scripture of the Week: Alma 34:38

Thank you Heidi, Mom, Dad, Heather, Shaela, Katie, Auntie Lorielle, Uncle Mike, Nannie, and Grumpa for all of your love and the sweet Valentine's that you sent to me!!! I really appreciated them all! Get it, sweet :) Hahaha!
February 17th-23th was a hard week!

Feb. 17- Sister Caswell received devasting news from home. 
-We also went to teach a Family Home Evening lesson with the Mooney family! IT was so fun! We acted out a story from the Book Of Mormon and played Dobble afterwards :)

Feb. 18- Sister Wager came from Scotland to do Flat Inspections! Our flat wasn't too shabby after the Spring Cleaning we did when Sister Caswell first arrived in Ireland. 
Feb. 19-Sister Caswell did not feel well. We stayed inside until 5pm. We had an appointment with an investigator that was 1 hour and 15 minutes away walking. After walking all the way there our appointment cancelled so we had to turn around and walk home. I was so worried about Sister Caswell while we were walking. She was swaying and looked so flushed the whole 1 hour and 15 minutes!! Poor girl! We went straight home and I told her to sleep.

Feb. 20-Sister Caswell and I had the Zone Leaders drive us to the dr. pretty early in the morning. We stayed in until it was time for a dinner appointment and we went to the Sharpe's home. They are a cute family. Sister Sharpe is from Arizona. It was fun talking about home :) We played the "Apostasy Game" with them! 
Feb 21-There was a ward activity game night in the evening. We had several investigators tell us they were coming, but none showed up. Earlier in the day we visited a potential investigator. In the middle of the lesson she left... Sister Caswell and I were left in the room with her 3 children and didn't know what to do because as missionaries we are supposed to avoid situations when we are left alone with children. Then we started to get nervous because 10 minutes passed and we were wondering if there mum left!! She came downstairs with her coat and shoes on and told us in her culture she had to give us a drink, so she was going to go to the store. We had to explain that we weren't allowed to be left alone with children. Haha, I guess it was good that we saw her come down the stairs before she just left!! 
Feb 22- Sister Caswell was feeling a lot better so we walked around all day finding people to teach since we couldn't get a hold of any investigators or less active members.

Feb 23- The O'Farrell family coordinated a fireside called Woman at the Well and many woman in our ward had the opportunity to sing in it! It was beautiful!! We have a lot of amazing singers in our ward!! 

This week was so slow. We only had a total of 2 lessons!! BUT! Tings can only go up from here :) Hope you all have a wonderful week! Happy March! :) 

PS, look how Sister Caswell did my hair!

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