Monday, November 17, 2014

Field Trip!!

Early Christmas present from dad... much needed boots!!

King John's Castle YSA Activity!!

Ready for battle!

My companion the princess!

Strike a pose!

Just chillin' at a castle...

Missionaries and the young single adult ladies

Knock! Knock!


This week was crazy. I am having a bit of a struggle training. It is so difficult.
Oh! You asked about the picture with me on the radio...So there is a YSA here. Our friend, Azariah. She lives in Limerick and goes to Mary I (Mary Immaculate College) and she is going to school to be a news person, and she needed someone to interview so she asked us :) Haha, it was so so fun! We weren't allowed to talk specifically about the church, so we talked about serving the Lord... it was more so of a service opportunity. It is hard to find service here because the Catholics do not want us to help them... 

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