Sunday, October 27, 2013

She made it!!

E-mails from Kelsey:

There are only 22 missionaries in this whole mtc! Only 6 of them are sisters! The other sisters are all so kind and friendly! Two sisters are from Utah.One is from Louisiana. One is from France. One is from Germany.

We went to the temple this morning. I am still trying to get used to the time difference and to working all day long with a hard core exercise before lunch!!! There are so many different accents in this mtc it is crazy! The Lord is really blessing me with open ears to be able to understand exactly what everyone is saying to me. Instead of people having to tell meeeee what others are saying I get to tell others what the person with the accent is trying to say! :D
The plane rides were so fun! However on the plane from Georgia to England I felt carsick by the middle of it!! 

They say, "We speak English. Please don't speak American here." Apparently Americans sing when they talk. I have been told that I am the stereo typical american and I am very ignorant. I am the only person in my district whose first language is English. One sister speaks German. One sister speaks French. Two Elders speak French. One Elder speaks Portugese!

There is a lake outside the window of where we eat and the most gorgeous swan lives in that lake. Sometimes while I eat I just stare at the swan and wonder what it's thinking! Haha, the other sisters... well everyone here thinks I'm pretty weird... they aren't far from the truth I suppose!

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