Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Well today is the last full day for me at the MTC. They taught me all they could and I am ready to go out and use all they taught me to help me teach others. While being here I have been told I am like Giselle from Enchanted, Barbie, and a seriotypical American... I thought that was... interesting! Hahah! Kinsie was the first person that I got a letter from! It feels so good to get a letter and e-mails! Thank you everyone for all of your love and support!!!! It has been a little difficult because everything in the lessons that they tell us not to do I did while with a practice investigator. I have a lot I need to still improve on!! It is such a miracle to see all of the sisters and elders learn English so fast! Some speak German, French, Portugese, and one other language that I can't remember the name. They are told to only speak English 24/7! Poor Elder Nunes came only speaking Portugese and no other language! I LOVE to help him find the word that he wants to use or teach all of them new words! Well, I already ran out of time... but remember... "If we do things because of love than it is the right thing." oh! and "when life is hard you fall- make sure to fall on your knees!" Tell Katie Harris to email me too! how rude of her to forget about me already ;) One more thing! It is crazy how many "American" songs keep getting stuck in my head everyday but when living in America I never thought of them! Love you all! Hopefully more next week!

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