Monday, March 3, 2014

Moves Call is OVER! :)

Scripture of the Week:
1 Nephi 11:17- "And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things."

Quote of the Week:
"Don't let life discourage you, everyone who got to where he is had to be where he has." -R.L. Evans 

This week was AMAZING! :D Full of laughs! :)

Monday, Feb. 24- We played hide and seek in an old, falling apart castle with Elder Lee, Elder Scott, and Elder Hatch! It was sooo fun! Sister Caswell and I also made puppy chow which we ate in the car ride there! :) 

Tuesday, Feb. 25- Sister Caswell and I were out knocking on doors and after talking to one lady when we turned to walk away I totally biffed it and landed on my hands and knees! I got a hole in my favourite tights! My knees and hands where swollen, scratched, and bleeding! The crazy thing is I don't even know how I fell!! Ya... it was pretty embarrassing... but also SO funny! Sister Caswell and I were laughing so hard! I hadn't fallen in quite some time... I was wondering when it was going to happen again!

Wednesday, Feb. 26- Tuesday and Wednesday combined Sister Caswell and I walked over 25 miles! Our legs were soooo sore Wednesday and Thursday!!

Thursday, Feb. 27- We made the second newsletter :)
-Thursday evening I went to bed with wet socks and woke up with a cold! Woops! I sound like a man... And have the sniffles so people keep thinking I am crying ALL the time!

Friday, Feb. 28- We had a really good lesson with our friend Kay Kay! We haven't seen her at church for awhile, so it was nice being able to sit and talk to her and all bear testimony and see how much she loves the gospel. She is just so sweet! We are hopefully going to do some teaching lessons with her this week!
-Sister Caswell and I leg wrestled Friday evening! I won once out of the three times that we did it. It was so fun! :)

Saturday, March 1-We helped to clean the church building with Relief Society. It was so fun! When you get a group of women together cleaning it always looks so nice and fresh afterwards!
-We set up 11 lessons for this week by calling everyone in our phone who we did not know! That is AWESOME!!

Sunday, March 2- MOVES CALL! Sister Caswell and I were so nervous all day! But, we are indeed staying together again in Dublin, Ireland :)

I hope that you all have an amazing week and take the time to count your many blessings. You will be surprised by what the Lord has done ;)
-Sister Kelsey Griffin :) <3

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