Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Glasgow :)

You can send letters and packages to the mission home at:
51 Spylaw Road
Edinburgh, Scotland
EH105 BP

Or letters to my flat at:
86 Rotherwood Ave.
Glasgow, Scotland
G13 2RJ
United Kingdom 

To begin, greetings from Scotland :) I just want to thank everyone for all of the sweet emails. I logged on today and had 35 emails.... WOW! I feel mighty special. However, I don't have too much time to email, so if I don't have the time to reply to everyone I am so very sorry!! I hope that you all had an incredible week, and a very happy Easter! :)  

On Wednesday, April 16 I woke up around 6am and travelled in a car, a bus, a ferry, a bus, another bus, and a car to get to my flat in Glasgow by about 5pm. I met my new companion, Sister Moore. She is the sweetest thing! :) The flat that we live in is beautiful! Fun fact! Sister Moore's last companion was Sister Allen. Sister Allen and I were really good friends in the MTC. Sister Allen was trained by my last companion Sister Caswell in this area! Sister Allen joked that I keep getting her ex's! :) How funny is that? Now Sister Caswell is companion's with Sister Hammond. My friend from college. Crazy little triangle there, right? Hopefully you all followed it :) 

On Thursday, April 17 I met loads of new people. People aren't very happy with me being here. They miss Sister Allen a lot. I don't blame them though. I know Sister Allen and she is amazing! We taught an investigator named Amad in Starbucks. He is so sweet! He bought us muffins to munch on during the lesson. He loves learning visually, so he gives us homework to make the lessons more interesting. It makes it fun though :) I also was able to meet the cutest couple, Sammy and Stuart. They are so good! Sammy was baptised into our church a few years ago, but is now less active. When Stuart first met Sister Allen and Sister Moore he said that he would never pray and never drink tea. Now he is praying and he said that he is going to slowly start to give up his tea. We made a pact that if he gives up tea then I will give up what I am addicted to... wait for it.... chocolate. Yep. So if you send me any chocolate please don't be offended, but I will not be eating it. 

Friday, April 18- So before Sister Caswell went to Clonsilla with me, she was in the area that I am now in. When she was here she became friends with a man named Carlos and taught him the lessons. I was able to meet him today, and he was so excited to hear all about Sister Caswell :) 

Saturday, April 19- Met Pierre. Pierre had a baptismal interview on Saturday. He had only been taught by the sisters for about a month and a half! He was so prepared! 

Sunday, April 20- Happy Easter!! :D 
My friend David back in Clonsilla was baptised today.
I was also able to see Pierre be baptised. It was so amazing. He was so happy, and he came a long way to get to here. It was so good! :) 
For Easter dinner we had PB&J's made from Pierre :) 

Monday, April 21- A member in our ward named Maddy took us to see the Kelpie statues! They were so cool! It was also a really fun road trip out there! Maddy reminds me a lot of Heidi, so it brought back some fun road trip memories :) 

I am sorry that I was unable to email yesterday. The library was closed due to Easter, but next week I should be emailing Monday. There are so many people who have been prepared here in Glasgow and I am very excited to meet them and teach them. I hope that you all have an amazing week! :) 

I love you all! 
-Sister Kelsey Griffin 

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