Monday, April 14, 2014

Goodbye Clonsilla.....

What a week! I loved conference. I loved serving with Sister Caswell, and then with Sister Quinones! I am full of gratitude! I am also grateful for the Easter Package that I received!! :D I love Easter! :)  

On Saturday, Sister Quinones and I were sitting down at the table doing nightly planning when all of a sudden a loud beeping noise went off! We just looked at each other, and then looked down the hall... It made us kind of nervous. We walked down toward the noise in the hall and realized it was the fire alarm! We thought maybe there was something wrong with the alarm, or it was a joke... haha, we were wrong. We opened our front door and saw smoke! Our neighbours were scrambling to grab things and put on shoes. Sister Quinones and I grabbed the keys and coats. We are on the third floor so we had to run down the stairs. As we were running downstairs there was a little girl by herself who looked confused and scared. I grabbed her hand and helped her down the stairs with us. The further down the stairs we went the thicker the smoke got.... Honestly, it was a pretty frightening experience. We didn't die or anything, obviously. And no one was injured. But seeing all that smoke, and knowing that it wasn't safe made me think about my life and what was important to me. We had to wait outside of our flat in the cold for a little over an hour. The little girl who we helped go downstairs found her parents and they were so grateful she made it out okay. There is a lady who lives next to us who came looking for us to make sure we made it out okay. It was so sweet of her! Everything ended up being okay. I for sure had a new perspective on counting your blessings though. 

Sunday (last night) was moves call! I am leaving Ireland and heading to Glasgow.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! 
Don't forget to count your many blessings! You will be surprised for all the Lord has done for you. 
Love Always, Sister Kelsey Griffin 

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