Monday, September 1, 2014

I'm feelin 21. ;)

This week has been one major emotional roller coaster. 

On Monday (August 25) we had Zone Development. It was hard because I didn't know ANY of the missionaries and it really made me miss my friends in Glasgow. But it was a good time. We played football (soccer), rugby, and Frisbee. :) I am no good at any of those things. But that is alright. :) 

Tuesday (August 26) we did our emailing (One of my companions found out that her mother is going through hip surgery for her 3rd time, and her life is at risk), and got a new investigator. His name is John. He is a very spiritual man and was very interesting in the Book of Mormon. We taught him outside which is a little distracting, but the lesson went alright. Later that night we taught a woman named Bernie. Bernie told us she knows the church is true and is ready to be baptized. We scheduled for her to be baptized on September 13th! It was very exciting!!!! Bernie has been an investigator for a few months now and it has been amazing to see the change in her as she has come to recognize the church is true. During the lesson President Brown called 3 times. I had to answer the third time and tell him we would call back later. When we called back after the lesson he told one of my companions to pack her bags and that she was going home again on Friday. It was very shocking for the three of us and just didn't feel right. There were a lot of tears shed that evening and not much sleeping done.

Wednesday (August 27) we went to a members home to Skype with our investigator Eadaoin (Aideen) since she lives so far away. We taught the Plan of Salvation. It was a pretty good lesson. We went to a part member family in the evening and found the wife (who isn't a member) in. She invited us in. The whole way to the house I was praying in my heart that she would have food even if it were biscuits for us because it was half 7 and we hadn't had lunch or dinner hours. When we got there she offered us biscuits!!! My prayers were answered. It just proved, yet again, that the Lord cares for the small things too. I shared 3 Nephi 13:32-33 with her and bore my testimony on how the Lord knows the wants and wishes in our hearts, but we will not receive ALL that we want unless we turn to Him. We had coordination after that. When we got home after coordination we called President and asked if he would consider letting my companion stay. 

(***HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HEATHER!***) Thursday (August 28) we were stuck indoors doing Weekly Planning until 1 then walked to meet a member for lunch. On the way over I talked to my companion about how she WANTS to stay, but she needs to show that she will work hard to stay, not say she would work hard if she stays. It was a good talk. She changed her attitude and was more talkative and determined. Around half 4 President called saying that she could stay. Then we went and Skyped Aideen at the Stake President Falloon's home. 

Friday (August 29) was a very good day. The Zone Leaders (Elder Merrill and Elder Henrie) picked us up and took us to their investigators (Vivian) home so we could all help her in her garden. It was a lot of fun. I have decided, after being companions with Sister Cannon, that I would like to garden when I get home. :) 

Saturday (August 30) Vivian set up an appointment for us to go to her friends home to teach her friend Aderli and her children Karen and Hugo. They are from Brazil and don't speak very much English. The mother, Aderli, was not home. I had so much fun teaching Karen (age:19) and Hugo (age 22 on Sept. 1)! You really learn how simple the gospel is when you teach to people who speak little English or to small children. Karen and Hugo had many good questions. I like them and consider them my friends already. I am excited to continue to teach them! 

SUNDAY (August 31) I RECEIVED THE BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!! I was standing in the church building talking to Elder Johnson and I glance over and think to myself "Oh hey, there's McCleary!" Then I proceed to talk to Elder Johnson when it hits!! OH MY GOSH! THERE IS MCCLEARY! I look over and my best friend from Dublin McCleary is standing there! She came to Limerick to surprise me for my birthday and boy it was a surprise! The whole rest of the day I was convinced that I was dreaming!! She stayed for all of church, and then afterwards there was a munch and mingle. I don't think it could have been planned ANY differently!!! She even stayed long enough to come teaching lessons with us. I just love McCleary! She is always there for me! Especially right when I need her! It was amazing to see her again! :) 

Then, today is Monday (September 1st aka the best day ever! ;)) my birthday. Thank you everyone for your emails and birthday wishes! I love you all!!! :) 

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers and your love. I pray for you and hope you are doing well. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. 

Love Always,
The Birthday Girl ;) Sister Kelsey Griffin

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