Monday, September 29, 2014

Kelsey the trainer!

Oh my goodness, this week was CRAZY! I am such a hot sweaty mess. Literally. I don't know where anything is in Limerick!!! I have only been in Limerick for 6 weeks, but for about 3 of those weeks we were indoors due to illnesses. I couldn't remember where the place was to email so we were running all around with our heavy grocery bag. The great thing about getting lost is that it will never happen again! hahaha! I travelled all day Tuesday and on Wednesday at 4 am we took a plane from Dublin to Edinburgh! We didn't get back to Limerick until 10:30ish on Thursday evening. I am training Sister Montoya. She is 19 years old and from Mexico City. She is the cutest thing! :) It has been hard. There is a bit of a language barrier. She knows English, but communication is sometimes difficult. I am been turning to the Lord a lot for strength and help and guidance... then today she told me she is grateful for the way I give correction because I do it in a firm but loving way. That meant so much to me because that is exactly what I have been praying to have help to do... as much correction is needed for new missionaries. Guess what! A recent convert from here named Viviane is going to visit Mesa in November! She will be visiting the Mesa temple!!!!!! :D
I am doing well. Stressed, but that's mission life :) I am learning to try to not be soooo stressed. Everything happenes the way the Lord needs it to. :) 
I am still in Limerick so all addresses are still the same. :) It really does seem like I was just trained! Sometimes I wonder if I really am the one for this job.. Haha! 
We will not be seeing the broadcast until Saturday... I can't wait to see it though! 
I recently heard that a temple in Phoenix is opening! That is incredible! If we get enough priesthood holders in the Limerick branch then it can become a ward and Ireland can request a temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Prayers are answered if we have the faith and willing to take the action. A reoccuring theme of the week for me has been "faith without works is dead". 
Have a great week!
Sister Griffin

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