Monday, January 12, 2015

Feeling Better

My dearest friend, Sister Kate Cannon <3 On exchanges, woot woot! I was SO sick that day! And accidentally lost my temper and told some woman that she brainwashes her kids... woops! 

On Thursday, it was my first time out of the flat in soooo long! The Zone Leaders picked Sister Montoya and I up at our flat to take us to Dublin for the All Ireland Conference! :D I LOVE road trips! I made muffins the night before and Elder Butler made brownies. It was a fun trip... for me anyway! I talked the WHOLE way, to Elder Hutchings dismay. Hahahah! I don't know why, but when I was created they forgot the "off" switch! :) The conference was SO good! I got to see so many of my friends! I still wasn't feeling too well still... If I stood for too long I would see black spots in my vision and feel so dizzy, but it was SO worth it to go! It was a very inspiring conference! Sister Montoya and I are very excited to go back to work this week after a whole week of rest!  

Sister Weber sent this picture with the following: Dear lovely Sisters,

You know, I know that this picture is of the sisters that came in the same group, But if you were to put Sister Montoya and Sister Galbraith into this picture, it would represent the very best and finest of all of the Missionary Sisters in this mission, probably the WORLD, At least the 6 We love the most.  Others will come, and maybe are here already but we don’t know them very well.  Our group is limited to the Limerick Zone. 

By the Way, Would you Six please send me your 1.  Home email address,  2.  Home phone number,  3.  Home address:  We really want to stay in touch with you, you know,  check on how you are living the gospel, run a background check on any young man you may have feelings for, crash your wedding, that sort of thing.  Love you Gobs - webers
Kelsey says: In this picture it is the lovely sisters that I was with in the MTC! We are finally together again after about 14 months of ALL of us being apart! (Sister Griffin (me), Sister Henkel, Sister Allen, Sister Jacques! :) I love those ladies and I am so blessed to know them! 

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