Monday, January 5, 2015

What a way to start 2015!

Quote of the Week:
Elder Klebingat: "often trials and tribulations are allowed to come into [your life] because of what [you] are doing right."  

Scripture of the Week:
1 Nephi 11:17 -we don't always know the meaning of all things. 

So Christmas was great! I am still in awe of all the love and prayers and gifts from friends and family. Thank you all again for all that you do for me. I really feel I can never repay you all. 

On December 31, 2014 the last day of 2014 I got a call early in the morning telling me that I had a dr. appointment since I've been sick with a cold for about 4 weeks now. They gave me the address of the dr. office and the dr.'s name. They spoke fast and in an accent that is not American, British, Scottish, or Irish.... I thought I knew where I was supposed to go though, so I wasn't too bothered. It was just past the church about an hour and fifteen minute walk. Sister Montoya and I grabbed a small lunch and went walking... turns out I didn't know the dr's office I was supposed to go to... When I walked into the dr's office and told them I was there 12 o'clock the lady looked at me and said "no you're not". I assumed she was just being cheeky when she saw the badge because a lot of the Irish are not a huge fan of us Mormon missionaries... but it turns out the dr office I was supposed to go to was in city center (about 2 hours away walking, and it was already 11:40). While we were walking I was trying to think of anyone who lived close by that could drive us, especially because my lungs were burning with pain... well, luckily our friend Patricia who lives by the church was able to pick us up and take us to the dr :) Turns out since I didn't take care of the cold I had four weeks ago properly my body has a lot of infections in it... I am going to be doing a lot of resting this week. 

Then we went to a member's home and ate dinner and played games. Communication wasn't the best... We were supposed to be home by 6pm, but she thought differently.. needless to say, we were late home. Then we set an alarm to wake us up at 11:30pm so we could write goals and celebrate the new year together... well, we accidentally set the alarm for 11:30am and woke up right before personal study. Whew... what a way to start the new year, right? 
On the 1st we went to the Hogan's home with the four elders here in Limerick (Elders Anderson, Butler, Hutchings, and Scott). We watched The Princess Bride, Monsters University, and Meet The Robinson's! :) I LOVE THOSE MOVIES! Meet the Robinson's was SO inspiring. Keep Moving Forward!!! Then we played Just Dance... I lost horribly! I have no rhyme or reason. Haha! Sister Montoya and I danced to Crazy in Love together.. wow, the dance moves were a little crazy... Awkward... Hahaha! It was a fun night though! AND the Hogan's made corn dogs! What I have been missing from 'Murica! ;) 

Well, hopefully this week is good. A lot of resting will be taking place, and the All Ireland Conference in Dublin! It is so exciting because I will see all the sisters from my group for the first time all together since the MTC (Sisters Allen, Henkel, and Jaques)! :) 

Thank you for your love and support! Well... emailing is almost over... Sorry if I'm unable to send long personal messages to everyone, but know of my love for you all! <3

I know the church is true. I wouldn't be out here if I didn't know that. I know that we have tests and trials to strengthen us. I know that being strong can feel lonely, but we are never alone. Keep moving forward. :) 

<3, Sister Kelsey Griffin

PS my friend Azariah from Limerick has been called to serve a mini mission in Glasgow! My last area! How cool is that! :) 
With Sister Cannon

The Faloons


Happy New Year!!

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