Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Week In Glasgow :)

Well, it is a new transfer with my dear friend and companion, Sister Cannon! We have a lot of fun together! :) Things have been pretty slow here in Glasgow. No one that we are teaching are progressing, but we are still out there trying to constantly find new people to teach! 

I hope that everyone has had a good summer! I think Scotland has forgotten that it is supposed to be summer as it has been raining all day! :) I love the rain though, so it is all good! 

Last Monday we had the opportunity to teach Family Home Evening for the McCall's. They are a wonderful family in the ward! Sister McCall got me and Sister Cannon the CUTEST BAGS! They have two children. Ben is 5 and Lucy is 2. Needless to say we didn't leave their home without first singing SEVERAL songs! I think we all had a marvellous time :) I know I did! Man, I miss working with children! 

We also got a new cooker on Monday! stove? 

Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting and we were instructed my the Zone Leaders. This week we have Scotland West Conference which will be very exciting! :) We also helped out friend Kris McCartney pack and prepare to leave for two years on his mission to Africa. It was weird trying to help someone prepare for their mission. I don't feel like you can ever be FULLY prepared.

Wednesday, July 9th Sister Cannon and I volunteered to help a woman clean her garden. She is very kind and takes care of us. She is older and has been through a lot in her life. She is also quite the hoarder. There are bugs crawling everywhere and her home smells strongly of urine. We went to her home at 2pm and changed from our church clothes to jeans and a tshirt. After working in the garden removing rubbish and weeds we went inside to change back into our church clothes. As we were walking down the street to another appointment Sister Cannon says, "Wow, I can still smell her house..." I looked over and her to reply and said, "WHAT IS ON YOUR SHIRT?" Sister Cannon was wearing a nice white shirt and down the middle of it there was a yellow-brown smear... We don't know what it was, but boy did it smell BAD! She immediately changed into her tshirt. Haha, it always seems to be a crazy adventure with Sister Cannon! :) 

Thursday was fun. We went over to a less active member's home and had a girls day. Her name is Faith. She got chips and dip and m&m's and we waxed our legs. :) Don't worry, I have pictures! Haha! Faith is a lot of fun! We are praying she will begin to recognize the blessings church has to offer. 

On Saturday we went to City Centre with some elders and we all went our own way to talk to people on the street looking for anyone interested in hearing more about our message. I stopped a man named Cameron. He knew quite a lot about our religion and felt the need to tell me everything wrong with the way we live. We talked for over an hour. He would not let me leave. Finally, Sister Cannon saw I was stuck and came over and saved me. It was interesting to hear Cameron's views on why there is no God. It also made me sad. He didn't seem to be very happy, and I know the message we have to share brings joy and happiness. Maybe he will find it one day.

This week was a good one! The time on the computer is counting down!

I love you all! 

Enjoy summer while it is here! xoxoxo

-Sister Kelsey Griffin 
Almost 9 months left!

We spend most of our time in a place called Drumchapel :) 

We bought a pretty flower to put in our window! She has lived quite a long time!!!

Pierre payed for Sister Cannon and I to get pedicures for our birthdays! Can you see the tan lines on my feet? :)

Maddy Miller took us out to get ice cream for Sister Cannon's birthday! :) 

We run the path by the canal every other morning :) 

Sammy and Stuart are some of my really good friends here in Glasgow! Oh my goodness! I would love to have a recorder here so I could record them talking and send it to you! They have such thick accents! In these pictures they decided to have an ice cream fight! It is always a fun time with them! :) 

Service project with the District. Eating ice cream on the bus!  :)

Hiking in nature

Sister Cannon at Mugdock Castle

Mugdock Castle

A hut for me to live in!

That man with the beard is Craig Mack. Pierre (the recent convert) is best friends with him. He loves Duck Dynasty and the south. 

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