Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Like the pros...

We are like Tiger Woods ;)


The pancakes I made for Sister Cannon's birthday

The canal we go running near. It is behind our home :)

Sister Cannon and I on the bus
Can you find me? :)  Zone Conference pictures

In answer to some of your questions: We do have a phone. And it is a brick with a crack in the screen. Seriously, the most ghetto phone EVER! But, at least we have one :) To travel we just walk and take buses :) It seems funny to me.... here they make fun of Americans for having loads of holidays because we love to PARTY! But I feel like here they love to have bank holidays so they don't need to work. Yesterday was a bank holiday so the library was closed. 
I am understanding the accents :) I LOVE THEM!!! I love both Scotland and Ireland for very different reasons. I feel like the ward in Ireland is VERY strong. I loved the members in Ireland. It was a little difficult to find people to teach when I was there, but when I left our investigator Nicole was baptized and our investigator Keri was baptized!!!!
I do like Scotland because I feel needed here. I love to help the people here. Sister Cannon and I aren't really teaching anyone right now, but we are so excited to find new people! :) I love Sister Cannon!
President Brown is one sweet man! I really do like him even though I don't feel like I know him. 
Have a great week!
Sister Griffin :)

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