Monday, July 7, 2014

Kinda a Fourth of July thing....

This week was good. We helped a member move from one home down the street to another home for two days. I was so sore. It is incredible how strong I am getting here on the mission. We are praying to find a YSA age person to teach who will strengthen the YSA here who will be baptised on August 10th. Can you believe how FAST time is flying?? 
It was a bummer that we didn't celebrate the 4th of July this year. But we did go around taking LOADS of Otter Pops to friends! :) That is kinda a 4th of July thing? :) 
We are not teaching anyone who is progressing at the moment, but we are teaching recent converts and less active members. 
I LOVE SISTER CANNON! She is SO amazing! We have SO much fun together and laugh at everything! :) 
I am feeling good :) I might be buying new shoes today? There is a huge sale at Clarks. The shoes I have, have water damage and make my feet smell SO BAD!
A member at church got Sister Cannon and me new bags! They are SOOOO cute! Seriously mom, you will LOVE it! I will take a picture and send it to you... maybe next week :) 
There is a member here named Trisha. She is SO cute! She has loooong beautiful hair. She is 23 and graduated from school to be a primary (elementary) school teacher. Her missionary just came home from his mission in New Zealand. She is mine and Sister Cannon's chick flick! Haha! :)  I live vicariously through her ;) Just kidding, not REALLY! I am enjoying my time here, and know this is where I am supposed to be :) 
Sister Cannon and I are trying to eat better this new transfer. We went running this morning and I BOOKED it! It was the fastest I have ever run! I felt SO good after as well! :) I am beginning to enjoy working out more and more! I want it to be a part of my daily routine when I get home :) 
Have a great week!
Kelsey :)

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