Monday, July 28, 2014

Golfing in Scotland

Golfing took quite a while... :) It was fun though! And SUNNY

Elder McAlister decided to teach me since I was doing so bad... haha

Goodbye shoes........ thanks for making my toes wet! ;p

Elder Moser, Elder Anderson, Elder Lui, Elder Schmidt, Elder Allen, and Elder McAlister went golfing with Sister Cannon and me. :) 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER CANNON... last month... wow, these pics are a little old... sorry!


 Sister Cannon and I on the bus... again... :)
 The Common Wealth Games are here in Glasgow :) 
We helped our friend Chris prepare to leave on his mission to Africa. This is one of his pets. 

Crazy with masks :) from a cereal box! haha
Sister Cannon caught a spider!

Hiya!   :)

I am doing really well! :) I am very happy. For no particular reason, if you were wondering why. I think sometimes it is good to just be happy. :) Which I am. 
We aren't teaching anyone which can be frustrating, but we are service machines. We did service ALL week. Especially with helping to set up for a wedding reception. Basically the bride, groom, and their parents were the only ones setting things up and they needed more help, so we came along. It was a lot of fun! I love wedding receptions! And because we helped to set things up... we were invited to the reception! It was interesting as well because we saw how popular we are with the ward. Ward members were thrilled to see us there. And we met so many less active members whom we wouldn't have met in any other way. AND when we were leaving to go talk to people on the street we saw some people sitting on a couch outside of the reception and asked why they weren't going in... they told us it is because they were the Ceilidh Band! They were really fun to talk to! We talked about them and their band and our church and missionary work. They were cool. They asked us to stay to dance a Ceilidh dance and we were kind of like, "Well, I don't know... we need to go talk to people on the streets..." And they were like, "Please stay! You need to do a dance! It will be serving us..." While we were deciding if we should dance a Ceilidh dance we were bringing dirty dishes to the kitchen and one of the band members went over to the microphone and said, "Sisters!" It was kind of funny to have the attention on us at someone's wedding reception. Haha! We did end up dancing a Ceilidh dance together (Sister Cannon and myself). It was SO FUN! I am glad that we stayed. And we gave the band cards when we left. Hopefully they check out the website! :) 
Wow! School starts so soon! It doesn't feel soon enough for school to be back in session!!! :o 
The chocolates were yummy. And I shared them with loads of missionaries because when I got it, it was at a zone meeting and there were a lot of hungry missionaries waiting for lunch. :) It was very clever though! :)

Have a good week! 

Love, Sister Kelsey Griffin 

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