Monday, August 4, 2014

Strawberries, bags, giants and bowling!

Sister Cannon and I bought a strawberry plant and named him Henry. We are pleased to report that he grew strawberries and they are SO sweet to the taste! :) Success! 

 Pierre took us to the dentist to make sure we didn't get scammed from the dentist... haha! 
Sister Cannon has a loose tooth and we went to the dentist. He gave her pills to take for it.
 Meeting our new companion (Sister Dias) at the mission home on Wednesday. Sister Cannon is training!!!! Sister Dias is from Brazil and learning English. Next week I will be leaving Glasgow and my two dear companions...

We went to Glasgow University!

Sister Cannon and I bought matching University of Glasgow sweatshirts :)I love Sister Cannon so much! :) We are besties! 
Sister Cannon likes to take pictures :) She thought I look very mature in this picture. Haha.
Whatever that means ;) 
Pierre was baptised on Easter Sunday, my first Sunday here in Glasgow. He is very kind and LOVES missionaries. He makes sure to take care of each of us. We always have fun with him! he is a good guy! :) 

Glasgow City Centre

 Clyde the Thistle wants to be on the path toward baptism ;)
 Sister Cannon and myself dolled up on a Sunday morning!! :) 
We were teaching our friends Maggie and James outside and to keep Maggie's 4 year old son quiet during the prayer Sister Cannon gave him the camera. This is the picture he took. I thought it was Ensign worthy! :) 
We spend a majority of our time in Drumchapel :)

Pierre likes to call Pday "Pierre Day"
Glasgow knows how to party!
Ferris Wheel!
Since the Commonwealth Games are happening in Glasgow we have a lot of fun things to do in City Centre on Pday! Woot, woot! Pierre took us to the Glasgow Green and we got to go on a Ferris Wheel! I will admit, at the top I got a little scared... It was VERY high up! 
Giants in Glasgow!


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