Monday, December 16, 2013


Hiya! :) I hope that you are all doing well, and in the Christmas spirit! :) I just love this time of the year! :) 

This last week was a very good one! A lady in our ward (Sister O'Farrell) had us over and we made ginger bread houses with her. After they were all decorated pretty we took them to less active members and some members who help us out a lot. It was a really good activity. :)

We put up our Christmas tree in our flat! The elders gave us ornaments to put on the tree. We bought lights and hung them on our window. AND a member gave us a REAL tree that is a tiny one that was also already decorated! :D Our flat definitely has a Christmas essence. :)

On the bus a few days ago I sat by a guy the same age as me. I was able to teach him about our church and answer a lot of questions that he had about religion. I was so scared to talk to someone on a bus about religion because it's not like they can slam the door on your face or run away from you, but it was not hard to do at all. I quite enjoyed it. He really took in all that I had to say and I could tell he was thinking hard about it. I gave him a Restoration pamphlet, taught him how to pray, and gave him our number telling him to feel free to call if he has any questions or ever wants to talk about religion more. It was a cool experience. 

On Wednesday night we went to an investigators house. We were planning on sharing a DVD explaining the importance of the Book of Mormon and a man's story and his testimony of it. Right before we played the DVD one of her friend's came into the home and said she would watch the video with us. As soon as the DVD started and the friend say the Book of Mormon she gasped and tensed a little bit. After the DVD we asked them what they thought of it. Our investigator's friend told us she was raised to believe that Mormon's are satanic. She was terrified every time she saw the guys in white shirts or the blue book. She said after seeing the DVD though she felt compelled to read from the book and asked if she could have one. I gave her one and testified of the truth in it and the happiness she can receive from it. She promised she would read it and thanked us for helping her to understand it. How amazing is that? Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, and sometimes His planning is so incredible. 

After our lesson with the investigator and her friend on Wednesday night we went back to our flat and I thought I was going to puke. I ran to the toilet 7 times Wednesday night and got no sleep. I had food poisoning! Sister Douglas let us stay in on Thursday and I slept the WHOLE day. I didn't throw up once, but I felt like I was going to MANY times. Guess what though!!! They don't have ginger ale here. That is a for sure bummer. Friday morning when I woke up I suddenly felt loads better! It was weird. No worries though. I am now 100% better :) 

I have chalices on my knees from kneeling in prayer so frequently!!! Crazy, right?

OH! I have news about our investigator Virgil! I do not remember all that I have said about him, but he is the sweetest man! He was an investigator before I got here and when Sister Douglas and I were on exchanges Sister Douglas and Sister Morgan committed Virgil to be baptized!!! :D He was completely on board and excited. We have never met his wife and she has a lot of problems with Virgil coming to our church all the time. A few weeks ago we got a text from Virgil saying he wouldn't be able to see us for 2-3 weeks because he doesn't want his wife to be upset. We were so sad. The other day after we did our grocery shopping though, we saw VIRGIL!! :D And his wife was with him, so we had the opportunity to meet her. I hope that she was able to see we are not bad or mean people and will take the discussions with Virgil. We will see what happens. 

My talk on Sunday (yesterday) went really well :) The topic was: "Let Your Light So Shine". I was really proud of how little I wrote on the paper and how much eye contact I made with the congregation :) Then we also had the privilege of teaching the young women lesson.Saturday night we were called to teach the lesson so we had VERY little time to prepare. We were teaching how to help recent converts feel welcome and how to bring less active members back to church. It made me think back to the days when my appearance at church was scarce and remember how much the vanB's did for me. Thank you so much! I really appreciate all that you all have done for me over the past many years. Aunt Jan I wish our lesson went as well as yours with the analogy and movie and sugar cookies! That sounds wonderful! Ours wasn't too bad though. We shared a testimony from President Hinckley from a Preach my Gospel DVD and had them write a letter to a recent convert or less active friend. The girls really got into it. There were only three girls there, so they had several friends the could choose to write to. 

It rained so hard a few days ago my waterproof raincoat that I bought wasn't very waterproof and the purple color of the raincoat seeped through and stained my shirt and skirt. It was super rainy and crazy that day!!!

Well, there is so so so much more that I can share because my week was so full this week, but I am running out of time!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas! Don't forget to remember Christ at this time of year. Mosiah 3:8

I love you all! 
Irish You a Merry Christmas <3
-Sister Kelsey Griffin

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