Monday, December 9, 2013


So, guess what! Moves Week is this week. HOWEVER, neither Sister Douglas or myself are moving. We are both staying in Clonsilla! :) I am so happy because I love the ward that we are in AND we already have exciting Christmas plans :)

This Sunday I am also giving a talk in church, so it is a very good thing I wasn't moved. My talk is on letting your light shine. I still have no idea where I am going to go with it.... but it is only a 5 minute talk, so it shouldn't be too difficult. :)

Last week while we were e-mailing the guy on the computer next to her asked her out! Bahahaha! It was funny because he didn't take "no" very well, so he gave her his number and told her to call him in a year when she gets home. 

Sister O'Farrell (a member in our ward {who served in France on her mission}) made us PB&J Brownies the other day. It may sound weird... maybe even gross, but they were SOOO good! I recommend anyone reading this to find the recipe and make them for yourself :) Yum.

Sister O'Farrell also took us to the zoo. The Dublin zoo. It was loads of fun! We saw elephants, red panda bears... well, lots of animals. :) 

Here "dinner"="lunch" and "tea"="dinner". I just recently figured that out... It is pretty good to know. I almost scheduled for us to have two dinners with two different members in one day because I didn't realize what tea meant! Woops! 

We have an investigator who we taught this week named Kay. She has been investigating the church since 2005. She comes to church every week. She is so kind and always feeds us a delicious dinner before we teach her. We can not get down to why she won't be baptized. Every set of missionaries that she has had felt as though she was so close to baptism, and then they got stuck and didn't know what she needs. It is always so fun to visit with her nonetheless.

McCleary had us over for dinner on Thursday! :) It is always so fun having dinner with her! She bought us Indian food! Curry. She got the hottest one for herself and a reddish orangish one for me and Sister Douglas. Oh. My. Goodness. Why have I never had Indian food before? It was so good!! She is getting it for us again this Thursday! And then of course Ben and Jerry's ice cream for dessert <3 It is heavenly. 

On Friday Sister Douglas and I were out trying by people when suddenly we both had to use the toilet VERY bad, but we were about 20 minutes away from home. Luckily the O'Farrell's lived really close to where we were so we went to their house and asked if we could use their toilet. While there Sister O'Farrell told us the dinner she was planning on making would feed more than just her and her husband and their daughter so we were welcome to come over later. Guess what she made for dinner. MEXICAN FOOD!! :D Man I missed it. It was sooo yummy! :) The O'Farrell's do so much for us! We are planning on going to their house for Christmas :D

On Saturday we had the Ward Christmas Party. "Free food and Santa's coming!!!" Is how I went about advertising it. We had soup for dinner. It was very yummy. Then several members put on a nativity presentation. It was really good. :) 

Sunday at church McCleary walked over to me with a plastic bag and handed it to me. Inside were BOXES of Macaroni and Cheese!!! Christmas came early! I almost cried tears of joy. She knows me so well already. She went to England for the weekend and while she was there she bought us some! :D Isn't that just so kind? That is how great the members in our ward our <3 I am really so blessed.

This week was so good :) I hope that you all had a wonderful week as well. 
Love you all! 
-<3, Sister Kelsey Griffin
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