Saturday, December 7, 2013


OHHH MY GOODNESS! Such a small email with so much information!!!
My week was so good and so was Thanksgiving! :) Some American families in the ward invited Sister Douglas and myself to the church building for a Thanksgiving feast. It was so yummy and very fun to talk to all the families that came! :) I love the ward that I am in. They are all so kind. Speaking about kind people in the ward!!! So, there is a girl in our ward named Linda. She found my blog and has been reading it. She said that as soon as she saw I needed a wallet she grabbed one that she doesn't use much and brought it over to me as soon as possible. Isn't that so sweet?? And it is beautiful! Purple with diamonds :) People here are really looking after me and taking care of me. I am so grateful for all the help and love that everyone is showing towards me. Also, there are about 4 families in the ward that already are telling us they want us over for Christmas! There is just so much love here! :')

Did anyone run in the Turkey Trot this year? Apparently they have a Turkey Trot here, but they do it during Christmas :) I had Irish stew this week! It was so yummy! I think it was mostly just beef with potatoes and carrots... and other veggies... it reminded me of just a normal stew..., but it was gorgeous nonetheless. There are two spouts on the faucet. One is hot and one is cold. When I wash my face I have to turn them both on and mix the waters to try to get warm water... I feel pretty silly when I do it!
This week we did a lot of chapping (knocking on doors) again. I love chapping though. We knocked on one door, rang the door bell, and waited... When no one came to the door we went to the door next to it and knocked. We waited... Suddenly BOTH doors began to open! I panicked and looked at Sister Douglas with WIDE eyes! She started to laugh SO hard! I talked to the guy from the first door and she talked to the guy from the second. It was so hilarious and awkward. The guy I was talking to started laughing and he was like, "What are you tying to say to me?" It was hard to talk to him because Sister Douglas and I were talking at the same time to different guys. It was so funny though! 

I had my first flat check this week. The Senior companion came over and had to make sure our flats were nice and tidy. Don't worry, we passed the test. AND! They brought home-made pumpkin pie that Sister McKendrick made! It was SO good! It tasted just like back home. :) 

I love it here. The schedule is hard. But I am doing so well and getting used to the mission life. It is a lot of fun. I learn so many new things! It gets dark by 4pm now!! Isn't that crazy!?

I love you so much! Have a wonderful week! Yay! It's December!! 

Love, Sister Kelsey Griffin <3 :) 

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