Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sister Douglas

Kelsey's first companion is Sister Douglas. (Her first name is Kelcie! Too funny!!)
They go on hikes..
They clown around.

 Such excitement! 
 They enjoy yummy food!!
From Kelsey:
We (Sister Douglas and I) found Betty Crocker mix to make chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake for only 2 euro so we bought it! :D ...unfortunately we failed at making it... We don't have measuring cups so we had to guess at the amount to put in. We added wayyy to much water to the cake mix and had to throw it out. There was no way we could fix it.... Then we added too much oil to the cookies... They weren't awful, but uhm they weren't very good... Haha

Oh my goodness! This week was such a good week! One thing that happened was a friend who works with Sister Douglas's mum came to visit Ireland! She brought gifts from Sister Douglas's mum. Her mum wrapped 25 gifts for 25 Day of Christmas AND included me in it! :D Isn't that so nice? So every morning we get to open a new present! Sister Douglas's mum is so kind and thoughtful :) I really appreciate all that she does for us <3

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