Monday, March 31, 2014

Conference is Almost HERE!!! :D

Scripture of the Week:
1 Nephi 17:41- I love this scripture! So often we go around thinking life is SO HARD! However the simpleness of how the Lord wants us to fix the situation is often quite humorous. If we look to the Lord, no matter what's the circumstance, we will be able to get through our trials! :) 

Quote of the Week:
"In the end, most women get the type of man they dress for." -Elder Tad R. Callister

This week was a really good one! 

...However, Sister Caswell and I seemed to struggle with names.... The first incident was when I called a man named Peng on the phone. Peng spells his name with the "e", but pronounces it "Pong". The way I reminded myself how to say his name was by thinking like "Ping Pong". When he answered the phone I said, "Hello, is this Ping?" And he said, "No, this is Pong..." Woops.... AWKWARD!

 Then we met with a guy on the street to walk with him to the church, so we could do a church tour with him. We were chatting with him and I say, "Your name is Basheem, right?" And he says, "Wajeed..." And I said, "Yes!" I tried to play it off like I knew that... Haha, oh boy! It was pretty funny!

Finally last night Sister Caswell, McCleary, and myself were planning to meet our investigator's Gabriel and Josue at the church to watch the Restoration DVD in Spanish with them. They brought a friend with them and I thought his name was Jeffrey, but Josue kept telling me I was saying it wrong. Haha, it was pretty entertaining for everyone as I tried to pronounce his name... I can now say it, but I can't even attempt spelling it... sorry :)

There are SO many pregnant ladies in our ward! When Gabriel came to church (not this Sunday, but the last) he asked why Mormon's have so many babies. It was pretty funny!

One lady in our ward is pregnant with twins and she is in A LOT of pain. We went to her home and did service for her this week. I think she really appreciated it!! :) She is a really independent woman! She owns a Montessori (preschool) in her home and is still teaching it, but while sitting in a wheel chair! She is truly inspirational as she endures to the end of her pregnancy!

Last Monday when Sister Caswell and I were walking to an appointment, at 7pm, we were in a sketchy part of town. We passed a 7 year old who was smoking and he was with two little girls who were about 5 asking us if we had a cigarette they could have. It was really sad... 

Oh my goodness! We saw a miracle this week! Sister Caswell and I were trying by some people weeks ago and one lady has a 9 year old daughter, 5 year old son, 4 year old daughter, and 4 month old daughter. When we tried by her home the first time the 9 year old had the chicken pox. Nicola (the mother's name) was so stressed that all her kids would soon get the chicken pox. We made her dinner and when we brought it over to her, her fear had become reality as all of her children had the chicken pox!! She let us in and we chatted with her for a little bit. I was a little nervous though because Sister Caswell has never had the chicken pox before, so I felt the need to shield her from all the germs! Nicola is happy now because all her kids are better. We went to visit her this week and it seems as though things are going well with her! Her family is just so cute! Her and her husband are adorable also!! When Sister Caswell and I were chatting with her this week she would leave the room every once in a while to check on her kids and every time she would leave Sister Caswell and I would talk about how we need to tell her our purpose as missionaries and invite her to take the discussion, but we were both so nervous! Now, we aren't usually nervous to invite people to listen to the message that we have to share, but this family is GOLDEN! If she said no we were sure we would cry... Lack of faith on our part. While we were talking with her Sister Caswell and I would bump knees as if to say "Go on then, ask her!" Oh goodness, I kept trying to think of a time to bring it up in the conversation but would chicken out! Finally it was time to do so! As I opened my mouth, Sister Caswell told her our purpose and asked if she would like to take the lessons!! We both paused and Nicola said, "Yes. I would really like that. I wasn't raised religious, and I would like my children to grow up knowing there is a God." It was truly amazing!! Sister Caswell sat there in shock and I excitedly picked up the conversation! It was so good! She is so prepared! We will be seeing her on Friday and I am so excited! 

This week a 23 year old mother of two children passed away. She was going to get married next month. While taking a shower she slipped and hit her head. It was very sad. Her grandparents are in our ward. Sister Caswell and I had the opportunity to help the Relief Society President make TONS of sandwiches for them. It was incredible because right before we got her phone call all of our plans cancelled and we were trying to decide what to do with about 5 hours of extra time. It was perfect because after we made the sandwiches another sister from the ward came to pick them up and we drove out to the country with her to deliver them. The Lord ALWAYS has a plan for us. It's so great when we can witness it for ourselves!

We had a celebration for the Relief Society birthday this week! It was very fun! It was like a family history cultural night. People brought food that ancestors made. Pictures of old, dead relatives. Shared stories about their ancestors. It was so cool! Sadly, there was a really small turn out. The other women really missed out.

Sister Caswell and I planned a game night this week! We invited our investigator's, the elders in our ward, and the elder's investigator's. It was SO fun! Sadly the two investigator's we planned the game night for didn't even come (Gabriel and Josue) but Wajeed came and seemed to have a really good time! We are thinking of doing another game night in a few weeks! :)

Sorry I have been so bad at these weekly emails! I feel like time has been slipping through my fingers lately! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!! :) Conference is just around the corner! How couldn't you be happy??

Love you all!
-Sister Kelsey Griffin 

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