Monday, March 10, 2014

Still a klutz!

I am feeling a lot better and this week was definitely grand dandy! 
Yesterday Sister Caswell and I were out walking for over three hours and the whole time I was carrying a bag with my new planner that I just decorated, southern style sweet potatoes, muddy buddies, and cookies to give to people. The bag was HEAVY because the sweet potatoes were in a big glass container! My fingers kept getting numb, but I kept thinking when we eat these bad boys at 6pm it will all be worth it. We stopped this really nice girl on the street named Jennifer and she told us she is a really devoted Catholic and has a problem believing prophets can be on the earth today. We asked her if she has ever felt alone. She said yes. We asked her if she has ever felt lost. She said she felt lost right now. We asked her if a loving God would want her to feel that way. She said no. Then we told her we know God wants us to be happy and to know who we are and what our purpose is on this life. We told her how happy this church makes us and the wisdom of prophets. By the end of our conversation she told us our church must be the true church and she will come to our services next week! How great is that?? When she walked away Sister Caswell told me to hold the bad different so the sweet potatoes don't tip. When I looked in the bag.... Guess what! There was a HUGE mess! The sweet potatoes had fallen EVERYWHERE! Guess how that happened... Three hours before at the beginning of our walk with the bag we were talking to a potential investigator and when we were leaving her home my foot slipped off the side walk and my face went hurling towards the side walk!! Can you believe it? I almost got severely injured! Luckily for me Sister Caswell is used to me falling all the time so she caught me right before I hit the ground! As I was falling I was swinging the bag of goodies around trying to catch my balance. My planner is ruined. The bag is ruined. The sweet potatoes were ruined. The cookies were ruined. Never fear though. The muddy buddies were okay :) When we got home to our flat at 9pm I felt my dress that I was wearing and it felt sticky. As I had been carrying the bag around for over 3 hours it had seeped through onto my my dress, tights and garments! Hahahaha, can you believe it? Sister Caswell and I died laughing! The whole thing was a "you got to be kidding me" experience that all you can do is laugh about! :) 
You have heard of the travellers, right? They are like gypsies! We went to visit a lady and she had a friend there. Her friend's face had stitches all over it and she seemed drunk. She said her family did that to her. Crazy right??

Sad face over busted bag...

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