Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day in IRELAND!!

Oh my goodness!!!!! :D I had Saint Patrick's Day in IRELAND!!!! :D How legit is that????? McCleary picked us up at 10 a.m. and the three of us took the train to where the parade would be. I wore a green hoodie and some of my favourite jeans. On the train Sister Caswell (who was a clown for a part time job back home) painted my face and McCleary's. McCleary also bought us cool hats! It was so fun! The parade didn't start until noon, but we had to go really early to stake out a good spot where I would be sure to see... because I'm so short... Haha! Then while we were waiting for the parade to start... SO many people came over to the three of us and asked to take a picture with us because we looked so cool! The library was closed so we couldn't email... Sorry about that :) The parade was so cool! I recommend going to Ireland on Saint Patrick's day!!!! After the parade we got kebab's! I was FINALLY kebaptized!!!! :D They are really yummy! Then we went to Saint Patrick's cathedral and got ice cream after on the way to the train to get back to Clonsilla. We had to be in our flat by 6 p.m.  It was a REALLY fun day!!! :D On the train on the way back to Clonsilla a man sat next to the three of us and asked us LOADS of questions about our religion. We gave him a pass-a-long card with our number on it. Hopefully he either comes to church on Sunday or gives us a call :) It really was such a good day! 
Haha, Spring here is the same as winter so far... with a little more sun than usual... but still cold and rainy :) On my way walking to the computer a few minutes ago I tripped and hit my hand on the way down. It is ALREADY swollen and bruised so it hurts to type which is slowing me down..
Have a wonderful week! 

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