Monday, March 24, 2014

Pictures from Saint Patrick's Day!!

I am doing very well! 
Sister Caswell has been out for 11 months :) She is very experienced and teaches me SO much! Some nights when I crawl into bed my brain hurts so bad from learning SO much that day! I really do love serving with her! She is so amazing! We have WAY TOO MUCH FUN TOGETHER!! :D 
I wish I could say things were warming up here. They were in the beginning of the week! On Friday we would get hailed on, then the sun would come out, then it would be pouring rain, then it would start to snow, then it would hail on us, then the sun would come out.... etc. It was crazy! Today is FREEZING!!!
I miss America. And Americans. It's interesting because you can always tell who the American's are or who has been to America recently because they usually are REALLY kind.... and really loud. Hahaha
I am soooo excited for General Conference! Remember the last conference and we had that donut challenge... ya, I'm not doing that again! haha! 
I know a lot of people have been missing the big forward that I usually do, but I am just SO exhausted lately! I haven't had any spare time... and the spare time that I have I like to use it for a cat nap. I am so sorry... I am excited for this week... Though it sounds like a blizzard is taking place outside right now... I'm not too excited to walk around in that! haha, but it will be alright! I have my superdry jacket :)

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