Monday, January 27, 2014

Moves Week Is CRAZY!

Man, this week was a weird and LONG week... but it was also very fun! :)

On Monday (Jan. 20) Sister Douglas and I went to the O'Farrell's and ate stir fry for dinner. We taught FHE. For dessert there was cheesecake... oh man, I just love cheesecake far too much. Sister O'Farrell is an amazing cook!! :)

Tuesday (Jan 21) Sister Douglas and I went around the area so she could say goodbye to people. She remained strong most of the day and hardly cried. I don't blame her for crying though... This area is AMAZING! A member, who we call Nana Shannon, had us over for lunch and made us curry and we had apple tart with ice cream for dessert. It was so sweet of her to do for us :) Then later we had a dinner appointment at Sister Shine's and ate Chinese take away. It was quite delicious as well! Not a lot of teaching happened because Sister Douglas had to pack and say goodbye to everyone, but it was still fun being in the member's homes. All the members in our ward are such spiritual giants!! :) Sister Shine then took us to the Baldoyle Sister's flat for our sleepover with them (Sister Huntsman and Sister Jones). We helped Sister Jones shove the rest of her things into her suitcase and we all sat on it to get it to zip. I am not looking forward to having to move... Haha! The sleepover was so fun though! The senior couple brought over pizza for us to eat also... Man, I know it sounds like I eat all the time but...

Wednesday (Jan 22) Sister Douglas and Sister Jones left at like 4am... I am pretty sure I was asleep when I said goodbye to them because I don't remember too much of it... Later on during the day Sister Huntsman curled my hair which was so fun! :) I felt so pretty! I spent the rest of the day with the travelling sister's (Sister Knab, Sister Lowry, and Sister Lewis)! It was a blast!! :) Around6pm we went to the bus station to pick up my new companion Sister Caswell! The first thing she said to me was "Hiya doll!" and then she gave me a big hug. I knew we would be fast friends! She is just so sweet! :) And guess what!! The 22nd is her birthday!!! So when she dropped her stuff off at the flat we immediately left to go get Eddie Rockets for dinner to celebrate! :) It was so fun! We got to learn a lot about each other during dinner! 

Thursday (Jan 23) We took the train out to Maynooth to go visit some new member's of the ward for a dinner appointment. I was so nervous. I don't know train times, and I have only been to Maynooth once before, but we didn't get lost ONCE! :D The member's that had us over, the Leslie's, are such a cute couple and have the funniest little 2 year old son! We had a great time all getting to know each other! :)

Friday (Jan 24) SPRING CLEANING!!! (Doc & Cov 88:119) Apparently for the last 3 months I have been breathing in mould. Sister Caswell came into the flat, and being from Washington, knows what mould smells like... Behind our beds there was mould growing up the wall and two pillows COVERED with mould! Then the hall closet... Let me tell you... It was awful! There was a fryer that had been thrown in the closet with grease still in it and so everything in the closet was damp, mouldy, and stinky! We cleaned everything so well! Then, when we moved my bed to vacuum under it... 3 spiders came running out!!!! I had been sleeping with spiders!!!! I feel so much better knowing how clean and organized the flat is now.
*We set our investigator, Nicole, with a baptism date for February 23rd! :D We are so excited for her, and she is very excited also! The thing is she suffers from a lot of pain, so it is hard for her to come to church. Things will work out though :) 

Saturday (Jan 25) We were invited to help several sisters in the ward clean a woman's house. The woman has cancer and is a hoarder. She lives with her 14 year old daughter and they have a dog. Cleaning the house took hours and when we left I still felt like we could have cleaned loads more, but I am so glad that we were able to help in a small way. The woman was so happy we helped her. 

Sunday (Jan 26) Sister Caswell and I taught sharing time in primary! It was so fun! We taught about how Jesus Christ is our Example. We brought in a sheet and had them all sit on it so we could teach like how Christ taught the children. One little boy shouted, "This is the best sharing time lesson ever!" It was so cute! :)

Well, we have a busy week coming up and I am so excited! :) 
Also, I had 24 emails when I logged on today! Thank you everyone who emailed me! It honestly made my week! I only have 15 minutes lift of emailing though and I want to try to send a few pictures home as well. If I do not email you back this week I am so so so sorry and will try to get back to you next week! I love you all so much and appreciate all that you do for me <3 Thank you! :)

Have a marvelous week!  

Scripture of the Week:
Moroni 7:33

Quote of the Week:
"One day when I really understood what Jesus Christ had done for me, I invited him to come into the house of my heart. And as soon as I invited him he came without any hesitation. And when he was there he filled the house with joy and I wanted to run and tell all the neighbours about my guest and how wonderful it was to have him there." -The Parable of Those Who Have Taken Upon Themselves the Name of Christ and How Important He is in My Life

Love Always, Sister Kelsey Griffin

District Meeting

Statue in Christchurch

Kelsey & Sister Huntsman

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