Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Christmas Picts! Little words...many picts..

Editors note: As Kelsey's mom, I REALLY want to thank everyone who sent Kelsey cards, notes and gifts. It is hard having her away at Christmas but I feel so grateful to all of you who have helped her to know that we remember and love her!

Nannie's cookies!

Christmas Eve pj's from Sister D

Tights from Mary!!

Scarf from Dad & blanket made by Nannie

She still loves to get crayons & coloring books!

Thanks, Sister Crawford!!

(this might be my favorite picture!!)

Too Funny!

We are so thankful for Sister O'Farrell!!!!

Sister Douglas, Sister O'Farrell, Anna & Kelsey
One more thing... I want to again apologize for the lame editing I have done with the picts on this blog. If anyone wants to give me a tutorial I would be up for that!! Thanks for your patience!

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