Monday, January 13, 2014

What a wonderful week :)

Quote of the Week:
"If we lose ourselves in the work, we will find ourselves." -McCleary
Scripture of the Week: Matthew 16:24-25

MOVES CALL IS THIS SUNDAY!!!! Crazy! This transfer went by so quickly! There is a chance Sister Douglas will leave and I will be the one to lead this area. Oh my goodness, just thinking of that makes me nervous! Haha! Only 1 sister and 2 elders are coming new and green from the MTC. Since only 3 new people are coming in there might not be many moves, but we never know what the Lord has planned! :) 

Speaking of new people! This week I will be done with the 12 week program which means I will FINALLY no longer be a greenie! :) 

Some of you have asked me what happened to my ankle. It is a lame and dumb story. On 28 December the Elders were going to take Sister Douglas and I to the bishops home for a dinner appointment. It was super dark outside and they pulled over to us on a busy street telling us to hurry and get in. I was moving as quick as I could and when I stepped into the car my foot wasn't really in the car so I stepped down on my ankle wrong.... I have been limping on it ever since. I am walking worse than a 75 year old man who forgot his cane.... Hahaha! But I will be okay :) It is actually feeling a lot better today and we took 2 resting days... which were such a waste of a mission day! It was kind of a bummer, but that's alright. :) I need to think of a more intense story of how I hurt my ankle though... Like I jumped in front of a car saving a baby and twisted my ankle or something... Haha

On 8 January I tried pecan pie for my first time and oh my yum. That stuff was good! I don't know why I never tasted it before... It just doesn't look as appetising as it really is I suppose.  

We had interviews with President Brown on Thursday. At the end of my interview he told me I make his life so much easier for our next interview he should have an easy button he can hit that says "that was easy". Haha, the District Leader Elder Merrell said if he finds one he will buy it for me to take to the next interview with President. Wouldn't that be so funny! :) 

So, exchanges come and went with so much success! :) Sister Lowry was with me. :) She is so kind. The lessons we taught all went to well! The spirit was so strong in all of the lessons as well. AND! I didn't get too lost once! :D Prayer definitely works. Thank you for everyone who prayed for me to do well! :)

When I was in the shopping centre the other day guess what song started playing......... That's right "Call Me Maybe"!!!! I haven't heard it while I've been out here. It was so hard not to sing and dance to it! 

Right now we are teaching 3 people. One woman named Nicole. She had been taught by missionaries before, but they stopped seeing her so she referred herself to the bishop's wife asking for more missionaries to come teach her. She told us she had a baptism date set before and she wants to work towards baptism again! :) She is a really sweet lady and is going through a lot of trials right now, but her faith that with the gospel in her life she KNOWS she will be okay through everything that is going on :)

We are also teaching a man named Toirealach (Tar-luck). He is such a kind guy. He is newly married and wants to know more about Jesus Christ. Sister Lowry and I did a church tour with him and he completely understood everything we told him. When we showed him the baptismal font he asked how he can be fully immersed in water like Jesus Christ. He was so prepared!! It is great. We are praying soon his wife will be interested too.

Yesterday at church a guy named Isaac that we stopped on the street on Wednesday came to church. He really enjoyed it and is going to go to YSA on Tuesday :)

The work is really progressing over here  :) This week will be a fun one!! :)

Today we are going to Christ Church with Sister O'Farrell and Sister Jones and Sister Huntsman and Sister Lowry and Sister Lewis. It will be a lot of fun! :) 

I hope that you's all have a wonderful week! :) Thank you for your love and support! I love you all so much! :)
-Sister Kelsey Griffin 

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