Thursday, August 15, 2013

July 24th, Baton Rouge Louisiana :)

Okay, after the first post I had no idea where to start with what's happening in my life! I decided to start talking about Matthew. He is a funny, funny guy! I am so glad that he came into my life. Matt and I learned a lot from each other and we definitely helped each other to grow. People feel the need to say I am going on my mission because of Matthew. Well, they are not too far off I suppose. No, I am not leaving on a mission because it would be convenient for us to both be out away from home putting our full focus on something else like most people may assume. I am going on a mission because of Matthew in the way that he helped me to fully understand our church and the gospel. He was practicing missionary work back in 2011 without even realizing it! That is how I know he will be a wonderful missionary in Louisiana!
Our first date :)
 My junior year of high school was rough for me. I mean, high school is rough and tough for most people, so you probably understand. My junior year I felt confused and invisible. I didn't know if the church was true, or why I should bother dedicating any of my time to it. Things were definitely hard. During the summer before my senior year I started to read my scriptures more, and made family more of a priority. As you can probably guess, my life immediately started to get better. It is crazy the way the Lord can help us. As soon as I started to try for myself to make a difference in my life for the better He came along, and started to bless me in big ways. Eventually, Matthew and I began talking. :) I had been begging my Father in Heaven to send me a friend or help me feel loved and accepted by someone. I was tired of feeling alone. I was NOT looking for a relationship! "Those are filled with WAY too much drama!" I would think to myself. Haha, then, before I knew it Matthew asked me out on Friday, August 26, 2011. I was nervous, and didn't know if I should be getting myself into that... But something just felt right. Heavenly Father sent Matt into my life, and ever since the day we met my life has gotten better everyday. We have been through so much together! I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't there for me during some of my trials. A few months into our relationship, for example, my parents divorced. It was a hard time for me. I cried quite a bit. I thought for sure all the crying would scare Matt off, but he stuck around and held my hand through the hard times. We both knew he couldn't fix the situation, but him just being there for me was perfect. 
We... Well... I don't even know... Hahaha!
Haha, through the thick and thin Matt ALWAYS knew how to make me laugh! It was NEVER a dull moment with him around! The timing was just right enough for us that we were able to grow around each other. We depended on each other. All of our memories are so fun! The first time we held hands was at a surprise party that I threw for my little sister. After he asked me out we high fived. Haha, he is so cute! Our first kiss was on my couch while we were watching Phineas and Ferb. Why yes, we are children at heart! :) We love to go to the park and have picnics and feed ducks. He first told me he loved me 5 months into our relationship at a park. :) We would have water fights EVERYWHERE! And he always won! Oh boy, in 2015 he better watch out because I will get him when he least expects it! Bahaha! His little brothers are some of my favorite people and sometimes I would beg Matt to let us just hang out at his house so I could talk to Mark and Josh because they are just so fun! Memory after memory! It was all just so great!
Matt was there for my graduation :)
I was there for his!

Double date with his older sister Camille! Soo fun!!

Then on January 5, 2013 Matthew and I went on a date knowing by the end of the date we would be broken up. It may sound weird to go on a date before breaking up... but it was actually really fun! We went to Red Robin and the park where he first told me he loved me. We watched Pitch Perfect at the park and talked. Then, our relationship was over. 
This picture is right after we ate at Red Robin :)
The thing that made the break up a little easier (only a little though... let's be honest. Breakups aren't really "easy") was that we knew we were doing it for the right reason! I had to finish my first year of college, he had to graduate high school, and he had to prepare for a mission. Little did we know at the time that I would soon decide to serve a mission as well! 

On April 5, 2013 Matthew got his call serve in the Baton Rouge Louisiana mission leaving July 24th. I was so excited for him. Even though we were broken up we still remained close friends... I mean, he was and is my best friend. Breaking up really helped us to focus more on the Lord and what we were supposed to be doing. Before he left we had to make sure to squeeze many things in though! 
Swing dancing!
Bahama Bucks!! That was one of our favorite places to go together :)

Harry Potter Marathon :D 

Double date with my best friend Shaela and her boyfriend! We made the boys dinner!

The dinner was GOOD!
Goodbye to facial hair... party? Haha

And him going through the temple with me :)

We fit in a lot before he left! It was all great memories! It has been 24 days since I last saw him! CRAZY! Well, needless to say... I do miss my best friend. But I am so proud of him. He is an amazing guy and he has taught me so much. The people of Louisiana are very lucky that he is coming to them! He has a big heart! I know he will do great things! Plus, my life hasn't been too depressing since he left ;) I have been on plenty adventures and I have many more adventures coming up! So stay tuned ;)
Prom :) See, never a dull moment!

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