Saturday, August 17, 2013

Christmas In July!!

Well, as you may know I am leaving on my mission in October. That means I will be missing my favorite holiday (Christmas) and all of our family traditions!! So, I decided I need to fix that! My wonderful aunts Joan and Jan decided to help me get it all figured out and planned! :) *Thank you* It was SO fun!! My Aunt Jan, Aunt Joan, cousin Holly, Grandma, and beautiful little sister Heather all attended! There was definitely yummy treats, Christmas music, and dancing! :D
Cute little snowman pin!

All of the ingredients to make our yummy treats!! 

I'm a messy baker...
But it looked a little like snow, so it fit the theme, right?
...just play along :)

Heather made that apron!
She is smokin hot :)

I'm ready to get to business with the cookie maker gun.

Heather sneaking a taste!

Best Friends.

There's always time to slow dance to Christmas music.

We made pizza for lunch :D 

Every year I would try to make the Spritz cookies by myself.
Every year they turned out looking.... sloppy.
THIS year, I mastered it and they looked heavenly!
I suppose I really am growing up ;)

We love to snuggle.

Face it- we are cute.

My Aunt Joan was so kind to get all the ingredients AND let us make a mess in her kitchen!! 

Holly was so happy she came into town this weekend :)

Awe ya! Look at me making those cookies. 

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies.

Caramel Corn <3

Yummy bars, fudge, and butterscotch fudge. :)
My mouth is watering just thinking about it all again!!

My Aunt Jan had to teach me how to make snowflakes.
She is pro at making them!!

Sometimes I like to impersonate porcelain dolls. 

Elder Benson is very lucky to know me ;)
I sent him goodies in a Christmas in July package! :D

Overall, it was a very fun day with the family!! :D I love them all very much and I am so grateful for them and the way they will do anything for me <3

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